Advice on construction

Whether it's a question of optimising your property portfolio, building new production or administration blocks or finding a new location, PwC can advise you on all the economic and technical issues.

The PwC real estate team provides these support services to organisations and private individuals in developing and constructing property.

Project development

Investments in construction carry economic risks, which is why conceptual preparation and planning is so important. The PwC team supports its clients in all the phases of project development: it advises on site selection, analyses the opportunities and risks of projects, carries out due diligence checks on technical and real estate management and optimises user requirements programmes.

Optimisation of real estate values

Real estate represents a significant cost and value added factor even for companies not involved in its trade. In light of different production processes, seldom used production areas or because of Basel II and IAS/IFRS, organisations are commissioning checks on both the usefulness and commercial value of their business premises. Optimising and in some cases transferring real estate can bring in additional sources of liquidity. PwC's specialists can support their clients in this strategy and suggest solutions.

PwC provides a location development strategy service for its clients that optimises both production and administrative procedures and the exploitation of real estate assets. This has the further advantage that organisations gain transparency on the cost and income structures of their real estate and receive instruments that allow them to use their real estate resources efficiently over the long term.

Building audits

Construction projects and building management are complex processes, and can often progress in an inefficient and uneconomical manner.

As part of its internal audits PwC examines project development and construction measures as well as facility management to check that they are carried out properly and economically. PwC offers preventive audits during construction as well as special audits, for example where corruption is suspected, and ex post audits.

Crisis and conflict management

Crisis situations and conflicts between the parties involved are a frequent feature of complex construction projects. The problem is that conflicts not only tie up customers' and contractors' financial and human resources, but can hinder the development of an entire project.

PwC's experts support their clients in both preventing and resolving conflicts, for example through identifying defects, fact finding and documenting, damage/claims assessment and expert reports.

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