Risk Strategy and Analytics

Use data-driven analyses and decision support for your risk management

What is the total risk exposure in your company or in individual departments and processes? Is there a risk of not achieving certain targets? Are sufficient financial resources available to cover losses from unexpected events? Answers to questions like these are hidden in your risk data – but often distributed across multiple management systems. Our cloud-based Risk Strategy and Analytics software solution allows you to quickly and easily consolidate your data, effectively analyse it and optimally adjust your strategy using well-founded decision support – even without statistical expertise.

“Our Risk Strategy and Analytics software offers companies a user-friendly tool for quantitative risk analyses that builds on the experience and best practices of years of consulting practice.”

Björn Bürger,Senior Manager at PwC Germany

Risk Strategy and Analytics for efficient risk management

Time and cost savings through automated risk aggregation

A key challenge for an effective risk management system is the aggregation of risk data that is distributed across multiple management systems – for example in a risk management system, internal control system and compliance management system. Efficient and automated processes for aggregating major risk portfolios become increasingly important. Regulatory requirements such as the new IDW Assurance Standard 340 require a systematic aggregation of the overall risk portfolio. Risk Strategy and Analytics offers a precise and individually configurable risk aggregation based on a Monte Carlo simulation.

Profound risk analyses – even without advanced statistical knowledge

While common IT-assisted risk analysis solutions typically require advanced statistical knowledge, our risk management tools are easy to use and are specially designed to meet the needs of staff in the areas of governance, risk and compliance. The software guides users through all steps, from data import to the creation of reports. It can be flexibly configured and has enhanced functions that can allow it to be adapted to individual risk evaluation workflows.

Meaningful decision support and recommendations for management

Our risk management software combines the latest data analysis methods with PwC’s risk analysis expertise. It offers a structured overview of your company’s risk landscape, thereby enabling the identification of blind spots. Based on the aggregated data, the software generates meaningful decision support and information for your risk management strategy and provides comprehensible recommendations when action is required.

Overview of the solution’s key features

Transparent risk portfolio

The risk portfolio is presented in a clear tree structure. Here the users see a structured overview of all potential risks broken down by risk category and can easily navigate into particular areas. To set up this view, the risk portfolio can be imported from the customer-specific risk management system. As well as having numerous options to make individual adjustments, users also obtain access to PwC’s industry-specific risk catalogue.

Screenshot aus Risk Strategy & Analytics von PwC Deutschland

Guided risk analyses

A range of tried-and-tested workflows are available for the risk analysis that consider both statutory requirements and industry-specific aspects. They guide the user through all of the key steps by using clear forms and instructions. This structured and user-friendly approach not only improves the quality of the risk assessment but also reduces the time and cost involved by automating a series of steps.

Screenshot aus Risk Strategy & Analytics von PwC Deutschland
Screenshot aus Risk Strategy & Analytics von PwC Deutschland

Meaningful presentation of results

The software offers a range of impactful visualizations to present the results of risk simulations. For example, it illustrates how the overall risk exposure compares to the financial resources for covering those risks. The results presented for simulations and implications can be arranged vertically or horizontally. The software uses proven Monte Carlo simulations to obtain precise risk aggregations.

Screenshot aus Risk Strategy & Analytics von PwC Deutschland

Well-founded decision-making aids

Based on the integrated and analysed risk data, the software evaluates your organisation’s respective situation and generates recommendations. The automated evaluation of analysis results is easy to understand, for example by using traffic light systems to identify critical developments at an early stage. In this way, Risk Strategy and Analytics offers meaningful quantitative decision support that can be easily understood even without expert statistical knowledge.

Screenshot aus Risk Strategy & Analytics von PwC Deutschland

Ready to use: Secure risk management software from the cloud

Our Risk Strategy and Analytics software can be directly deployed as a cloud-based software solution. Special technical infrastructure is not required. The software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution is built on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP). It offers interfaces to SAP applications as well as all current risk management and GRC software solutions. In the SAP environment the tool supports a range of user-friendly functions such as Single-Sign-On (SSO) as well as simple opportunities for advanced data integration.

The data is exclusively processed in data centers within the European Union. Furthermore, the SAP BTP on which the solution is built is certified according to the cloud computing criteria catalog C5 and therefore meets the highest security standards.

Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Risk Strategy and Analytics belongs to PwC’s Enterprise Cloud Solutions – a special software portfolio designed to meet regulatory requirements that we have developed and offer in a joint technological collaboration with SAP. This combines our specialist and industry knowledge with the most modern technologies, bundling the solutions on one central platform. In this way, your company can also take advantage of synergies, digital standards and easily integrated cloud software.

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Björn Bürger

Björn Bürger

Senior Manager, PwC Germany

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Dr. Lutz Neumann

Director, PwC Germany