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Nico Reichen

Nico Reichen
Partner, Data & Analytics at PwC Germany

Many business challenges – one digital platform

Whether it is regulatory requirements relating to sustainability and climate protection or new legal provisions affecting financial and compliance reporting, the number of external challenges faced by companies is continuously increasing. Not only do companies need specialist knowledge to deal with the complexity of these topics, they must also have the ability to incorporate such expertise into real-world processes. Using softwares has become an inevitable way to do so as quickly and as efficiently as possible. However, established software solutions oftentimes do not cover new or highly specialized regulatory requirements. This is where our Cloud Enterprise Solutions come to use.

Extensive industry experience combined with technological skills

Enterprise Cloud Solutions is your one-stop shop for the challenges of tomorrow. It enables us to provide you not only with the right individual solutions, but also with a technological platform into which these new solutions can be rapidly and efficiently incorporated. This means you have a central platform with applications that can be flexibly combined with each other. The joint usage of resources entailed here allows for a higher level of standardisation and improved synergy effects. This enables companies to get the most from their digital ecosystems. Stand-alone solutions result in unnecessary complexity and slow you down. Enterprise Cloud Solutions provides you with an answer to the challenges of the future.


PwC has years of experience in advising companies from across all sectors on the various challenges that they face, such as sustainability reporting or risk analysis. You can now draw on PwC’s expertise through Enterprise Cloud Solutions. Enterprise Cloud Solutions provides you with a single platform that covers your various application cases – both at company level and within your individual business units. This provides you with a starting point for responding to new challenges and dealing with them consistently in an agile and targeted manner. The platform combines the tried and tested knowhow of PwC in the area of effective risk management with advanced programming and state-of-the-art technology. You will enjoy the benefits of a user-friendly interface, extensive modularity and unparalleled efficiency.

Convenient, efficient, knowledge-based: our powerful cloud solutions

Enterprise Cloud Solutions has been developed with a focus on three key characteristics:

Enterprise Cloud Solutions is a one-stop shop that provides you with a wide range of products and enables you to integrate solutions into your SAP environment with ease. We developed this platform with the objective of delivering reliable solutions to your most urgent challenges in a rapid and straightforward manner. Because external data sources are used in accordance with data protection requirements, our platform simplifies risk management for you.

Our platform has been designed with maximum efficiency in mind. Flexible software licenses mean that scaling can be optimised, results are delivered quickly and you can achieve savings in the areas of human resources and budgeting.

Enterprise Cloud Solutions is built around a symbiosis between technology and PwC’s business know-how. Working with the most up-to-date SAP Technology Platform, we have developed a solution that perfectly supplements your SAP portfolio with powerful applications.

Based on tried and tested best practices

The cloud solutions contained in Enterprise Cloud Solutions are based on a wide range of best practices that we have developed together with our customers. Data gathered both internally and externally also plays a role here. Drawing on these various sources, we compile the most important information so that you don’t have to. The offerings within Enterprise Cloud Solutions thus cover all key spheres of activity, from governance, risk and compliance (GRC) to sustainability and taxes as well as finance and analytics. We are endeavoring not only to provide you with innovative and market-oriented products, but also to make our expertise available to you so that you can always use it independently. Enterprise Cloud Solutions offers secure and powerful cloud services that have been fine-tuned for all relevant requirements and are provided in a software as a service (SaaS) format.

SAP Innovation Award 2023

PwC wins the SAP Innovation Award 2023 in the Partner Paragon category with the Check Your Value Chain solution: By using SAP technology, PwC provides its clients with a powerful solution that efficiently addresses the requirements of the Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains with manageable resources and full risk transparency.

About the award: The annual SAP Innovation Awards honor and celebrate the achievements of future-minded companies and individuals that have harnessed the power of the latest SAP products and cloud technologies to become an Intelligent Enterprise, thrive in new business realities, and create positive economic, environmental and/ or social impact to help the world run better.

Current topics

ESG Reporting Manager – CSRD: solving your ESG reporting challenges

The CSRD and its European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) require reporting along the entire value chain on the basis of double materiality and several mandatory disclosures. Those ESRS standards require a large number of data points that need to be collected from different source systems. PwC provides a comprehensive overall understanding of CSRD methodology, best practice KPI calculation and data source connections.

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Check Your Value Chain

With our “Check Your Value Chain” software, it is possible to be compliant with the requirements of the SCDDA efficiently and with minimal resource expenditure while also ensuring complete transparency regarding risks. The solution helps organisations to gain a holistic overview of their entire business partner portfolio – from their own business activities through to suppliers and customers.

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Climate Excellence

Climate Excellence enables you to analyse the impacts of climate change on your portfolio and to constantly track  all influencing factors. Our SaaS solution is characterised by  its exceptional user-friendly interface  and provides you with fast results combined with our  in-depth expertise, enabling you to manage risk efficiently at the touch of a button.

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Risk Strategy and Analytics

Our cloud-based Risk Strategy and Analytics software solution allows you to quickly and easily consolidate your data, effectively analyse it and optimally adjust your strategy using well-founded decision support – even without statistical expertise.

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“How will the climate affect investments? What needs to be considered for the risk assessment? Answering these questions is simply a matter of processing the raw data already available. This is where our ECS assists.”

Nico Reichen,Partner and Data & Analytics Leader at PwC Germany
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Nico Reichen

Nico Reichen

Partner and Data & Analytics Leader, PwC Germany

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