Market and competition analyses

Only a sound analysis of markets and competitive conditions can turn a good business idea into a promising enterprise. PwC experts help companies by examining and validating business plans, sales forecasts or plans for sourcing raw materials. They can assist companies to assess, and substantiate, the sustainability of business models, the capacity of planned projects and investments’ prospects of success.

Equity financing and debt financing are now almost impossible without comprehensive market and competition analyses. Banks, venture capital companies and other financiers require well-founded and reliable information on the market and competitive situation – as do public authorities, when companies seek to avail of state aid programmes. Last but not least, it takes qualified market analysts to persuade internal boards, such as the shareholder committee.

PwC experts assist companies with their market studies and competition analyses by

  • forecasting future market opportunities
  • validating the sales and revenue planning
  • identifying plans for expanding into new markets
  • verifying sales opportunities, for example following restructuring
  • defining cashflow-based financing structures
  • satisfying the information requirements of financiers such as banks, equity investors, and public aid programmes

In order to validate market opportunities, the various PwC industry experts identify the relevant markets and their sales and export potential both at home and abroad. Among other things, they look at historical market developments, existing market structures, industrial sales expectations and future trends. A large number of experts from PwC’s international network – most of them with practical industry experience – are available to help you determine the key parameters for deducing future market trends.

Based on this analysis, PwC’s specialists will prepare SWOT profiles to highlight strengths and weaknesses against the competition, take account of regulatory, geopolitical and general economic factors and test various events and situations as part of a comprehensive risk and sensitivity analysis. They will also pay attention to spill-over effects from and to other industries.

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