Support Internal Audit and taking on the Internal Audit Function

Company structures are increasingly affected by the rapid changes in the markets and the competition. Strategic considerations affect the Risk Management and therewith Internal Audit.

Managers now expect internal audits to make a significant contribution to increase the efficiency of organisational workflows alongside their traditional monitoring function. PwC supports businesses from executing single audits to taking on the whole Internal Audit Function. This allows businesses to benefit from the project experience of PwC's teams of specialists, including Certified Internal Auditors (CIA) and Certified Information Systems Auditors (CISA).

If this approach is desired on the part of the business, PwC can make use of its proprietary standardised processes. PwC initially uses a risk assessment to identify the risks facing the most important processes in your company. The core issues during the audit activities are:

Do the accountancies and accounting systems provide a reliable and practicable basis for making decisions?

During financial audits PwC's specialists check whether the organisation of the Accounting Department complies with legal and operational requirements, whether the internal control system is effective and whether business assets are sufficiently protected. This ensures that the financial and accounting picture is meaningful, true and fair.

Is profitability sufficiently evaluated in investment decisions?

During operational audits PwC checks whether approval is given for investments and whether the financing and possible risks have been taken into consideration. An additional benefit is identification of potential for improving organisational workflows and the efficiency of control systems.

Are business processes operating within an acceptable framework?

In a compliance audit PwC checks whether control systems and transactions comply with appropriate laws, internal guidelines, standards and norms. PwC also assesses whether the company is actually observing all relevant legal requirements.

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