Our experts explain the benefits of our AWS Alliance

The PwC & AWS cloud journey

  • July 20, 2023

PwC's deep understanding of business strategy and ability to help organizations transform their operations is combined with AWS's powerful cloud technologies and extensive global infrastructure:

Clients can benefit from…
optimized Operations: This partnership can help organizations optimize their operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs, providing a competitive advantage.

access to Cutting-Edge Technologies: By leveraging the PwC and AWS alliance, organizations gain access to a range of cutting-edge technologies and services, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve and meet changing business needs.

Hear directly from our experts how you can leverage the alliance for your business.

In general

The future of our Alliance

The global collaboration with AWS will play a major role at PwC in the future. Hear directly from Dinesh Ravikumar, Director from PwC US, how we will continue to work on this partnership.

What clients expect from us

PwC’s and AWS’s partnership is a strong basis that our customers can rely on during their journey towards the AWS cloud. Hear directly from our Cloud Practice Group Head Hauke Schaettiger which benefits customers will experience.


Insights into our focus industries: Healthcare & Pharma Life Sciences industry

At PwC, we understand the importance of cloud technology for the Healthcare & Pharma Life Sciences industry. Hear from our experts Bill Cole and Dr. Christian Kaspar how AWS and PwC’s promising partnership can shape this relevant transformation in the future.

Insights into our focus industries: Retail

The cloud is also becoming increasingly important in the retail industry. That's why PwC and AWS are working closely together to support our clients right from the start. Our expert Ninja Gager gives an outlook on what the retail industry can expect in terms of cloud technologies in the future.


Insights into our capabilities: Compliance and Governance

As soon as our clients migrate to the AWS Cloud it is inevitable to deal with various regulations and risks. Hear directly from our Compliance expert Jörg Botsch how important it is to build on PwC’s capabilities.

Insights into our capabilities: Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is the keyword when it comes to a secure transformation into the cloud. Hear directly from our expert, Natalia Citra, how PwC and AWS as partners will support you.

Insights into our capabilities: AI/ML

The benefits of AI/ML solutions for our clients are undisputed. Our expert Dr. Sebastian Becker provides some insights into how PwC and AWS work together to deliver the best possible solutions for our clients:

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