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Rainer Wilken

Rainer Wilken
Partner and AWS Alliance Leader at PwC Germany
Tel: +49 160 9724-7965

Consider all dimensions of modern-day cloud transformation

When it comes to future relevance and success of enterprises, cloud services play a vital role. However, data shows that several organizations are still hesitant to adopt them: they often lack either specialized technical knowledge, transparency regarding costs and benefits or know-how to manage the implications of cloud adoption across the organisation. 

With our services, organisations can achieve benefits with cloud services quickly and cost-effectively.

We analyse your needs to set up the exact cloud environment that will drive your business forward with selected Amazon Web Services (AWS). Secure. Efficient. Future-ready.

We offer our consulting expertise tailored to your organization’s needs and adapt effectively to your industry’s characteristics. This complements with our partner AWS, the market leading cloud service provider, who provides the technology and technical expertise.

Amazon Badges

Excellence: To exceed your expectations, PwC has continuously worked on evolving, improving and redefining its competencies with AWS. Today, PwC has established itself as a Premier Tier Partner with 11 AWS Ambassadors globally, by completing over 6,400 AWS Accreditations in 2022, and obtaining all four AWS Security Certificates - the most by any Premier Partner. Our commitment is to obtain new skills and to provide you with exclusive high-level service offerings remains resolute.

Explore what lies beyond | PwC & AWS

At PwC and AWS, we understand that cloud computing is an essential driver of business innovation and growth in today’s rapidly changing digital landscape.

Our end-to-end cloud solutions provide the agility, scalability, and security you need in this complex environment. From migration and deployment to management and optimization, PwC supports you in every step of the way.

Our AWS service offerings

We help your organisation by removing obstacles on the way towards cloud automation.

We take a business-focused approach to holistically support you.

Together with us, you will create the most unique experience for your customers.

You can fully leverage the power of Big Data Analytics.

PwC has long been a leader in cyber advisory services.

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PwC Service Offering & AWS Summit

Dive into the highlights of our participation at the AWS Summit (May 4th 2023). Our breakout session and partner spotlight showcased the powerful combination of PwC’s capabilities with AWS cloud solutions. 

If you’re ready to learn more about PwC’s & AWS comprehensive service offering, click here to explore videos from our team members, who delve deeper into our expertise or read about our collaboration and our industry approach in our brochures.

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Rainer Wilken

Rainer Wilken

Partner & AWS Alliance Leader, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 160 9724-7965

Mark Spitzer

Mark Spitzer

AWS Alliance Driver, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 171 5560-923