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Dear cloud enthusiasts,

We invite you to explore this website and learn more about our partnership and how we can help your business succeed. At PwC and AWS, we understand that cloud computing is an essential driver of business innovation and growth in today’s rapidly changing digital landscape. Within our holistic service offerings, we analyze your needs to set up the exact cloud environment that will drive your business forward with selected Amazon Web Services. Secure. Efficient. Future-ready.

Do you want to get more insights about our collaboration, our industry approaches and cloud capabilities? Here you will find all the information you need.

General Overview

AWS and PwC – Explore what lies beyond

Discover our core cloud capabilities and focus industries as well as how your organization can benefit from our collaboration with AWS. Our end-to-end cloud solutions provide the agility, scalability, and security you need to drive growth and innovation. From migration and deployment to management and optimization, PwC got you covered in every step of the way. Explore what lies beyond.

Industry Brochures

Financial Services

Learn how to build a cloud-based foundation to advance your customer engagements. With PwC’s industry expertise and AWS’s cloud capabilities, we accompany you on your end-to-end cloud journey and support you with Cloud Efficiency Management as well as security, risk and compliance. If you want to learn more about it, download this brochure.

Healthcare and Pharma Life Sciences

Learn how to build a cloud-based foundation to develop intelligent capabilities in healthcare, pharma and life sciences. With PwC’s industry expertise and AWS’s cloud capabilities, we support you with Data Analytics, Automation and Compliance regulations. If you want to learn more about it, download this brochure

Capability Brochures

Artificial Intelligence

AI in core business from pilot to production drives forward the demand for reliable AWS solutions. PwC is here to help you improve continual service for deployment of data and AI / ML Solutions. If you want to learn more about our unique approach, download the following brochure.

Compliance and Governance

Cloud reliability and compliance is not a coincidence, it is a choice. We support AWS cloud user organizations in all compliance and risk-related matters at every stage of their cloud initiatives. If you want to learn more about our integrated and modular solutions, download the following brochure.


Reimagine risk and unlock opportunities through a human-led, tech-powered approach. PwC’s global team of practitioners includes people from various backgrounds. Furthermore, we are currently the only partner with all 4 AWS Security Competencies. Interested in how we can support your business? Just download the following brochure and learn more about it.

DORA (Cybersecurity)

The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) is a regulatory framework to protect financial institutions from ICT-related incidents. PwC’s solutions target each of the DORA pillars to ensure end-to-end management of risks coming from information and communication technologies. If you want to learn more about that, download the following brochure.

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