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Henry-Lars Bogen, Senior Manager bei PwC Deutschland

Henry-Lars Bogen
Senior Manager, PwC Germany
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Choose a trusted partner for your Azure migration and modernization

Numerous corporations and institutions have embraced cloud technology for managing their workloads and applications. However, realizing substantial benefits from this adoption is not guaranteed. 

To make the most of the cloud, a well laid-out strategy and plan are necessary to understand the specifics of your organisation and current situation.

Additionally, technological knowledge and experience are required for planning and migrating critical workloads and modernizations.

PwC and Microsoft Azure have partnered for numerous cloud migration and modernization projects for a multitude of organizations and have the managerial and technical expertise to first analyse your business requirement, technical situation and secondly guide you to your cloud strategy and goals up to the orchestration as well as migration execution to boost the cloud transformation.

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PwC aligns business goals with Microsoft’s cloud solutions, going beyond just technology adoption

PwC uses a 4-phase approach for a cloud-driven modernization and migration journey. 

Phase 1: Discovery & Readiness

PwC follows a systematic approach to ensure a successful cloud migration. We leverage Azure Movere to collect data on infrastructure, applications, and assets to achieve a thorough risk assessment for considering technical challenges and dependencies.Simultaneously, we evaluate your existing processes and policies to ensure alignment with migration goals. Lastly, we aim to train your staff to play a pivotal role in enhancing proficiency with new cloud technologies, enabling a smoother transition. 

Phase 2: Design & Planning

PwC uses Microsoft Azure Migrate to discover and assess on-premises infrastructure and workloads for migration planning. Azure Architecture Centre is utilized for designing the target state architecture and landing zones. Based on the evaluation of cloud platforms, organizations make informed decisions. The next step involves defining the target architecture and assessing risks. Leveraging PaaS and CI/CD enables cost savings & faster time-to-market. Re-platforming & re-architecting promote cloud-native practices, fostering agility and innovation with Azure products.

Phase 3: Modernize & Migrate

Combining PwC’s cloud migration approach and Azure Migration Guide creates a robust framework. Integrating the operating model with dependency management enhances visibility and efficiency. Adding iterative execution with Azure DevOps boosts agility and collaboration. Finally, effective monitoring and reporting are achieved with Azure Monitor and PwC’s reporting framework. 

Phase 4: Support & Operations 

PwC’s managed services and Azure Cost Management ensure cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Test management with PwC’s QA and Azure DevOps tools enables comprehensive testing. Additionally, a compliance framework and Azure Governance Tools ensure efficient compliance. Knowledge transfer is facilitated through expertise sharing, documentation, and training.

Do not just move to the cloud – modernize your IT landscape with Microsoft Azure

Start with assessing your situation

Are you at the beginning of your cloud journey or does your company already rely heavily on cloud infrastructure? Wherever you are – a clear picture of your current situation and infrastructure as well as business goals is essential for every cloud migration or modernization project. 

PwC has completed a broad range of projects using proprietary accelerators and utilizing Microsoft Azure’s Strategic Migration Assessment and Readiness Tool, Solution Assessment, and Cloud Adoption Framework. 

Discover your cloud possibilities

Through in-depth assessment, we can show you for which goals you could strive. After your selection, we will develop a plan for your journey both from an IT and business perspective. Utilizing the latest Microsoft Azure technologies, we will guide you to those most fitting your use and business case. Whether this means migrating Microsoft SQL-Servers to the cloud or refactoring applications to run in Azure Kubernetes Service – we bring both the management and technical expertise to the table.

PwC’s Azure Modernization Blueprint

Align on the future design patterns and provide a comprehensive modernization and migration plan with PwC’s tailored approach.

Prioritize applications within your organizational landscape using the 7R’s of Application Modernization and Migration. Leverage our robust Scheduling Toolkit for successful application migration. Involve key roles such as Network and Security, Migration, and Infrastructure early in the planning and design phase for successful modernization and migration.

Transporting the cloud mindset

Moving workloads to the cloud and modernizing existing cloud architecture needs to go hand in hand with carrying these changes to your organisation.  We are committed to collaborating with you throughout the change process, ensuring that both management and employees fully embrace it. This also helps to increase cloud adoption and the usage of cutting-edge Azure products for e.g., low-code or AI use-cases.

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Hauke Schaettiger

Hauke Schaettiger

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Henry-Lars Bogen

Henry-Lars Bogen

Senior Manager, PwC Germany