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From shipowners and port operators to financiers of shipping projects, companies within the maritime industry are currently facing similar challenges: Regulation is increasing, as is the pressure to decarbonise. At the same time, digitalisation is reshuffling the cards. While this market environment has its stumbling blocks, it also offers opportunities for growth. PwC Germany's Maritime Competence Centre helps shipowners and shipping companies to stay on course and offers comprehensive navigational support. 

We are well positioned to assist companies and public authorities in the shipping sector on any issue they may face - from strategy and corporate transactions, through tax and legal aspects, to auditing and reporting, and the integration of non-financial information into reporting. 


Your expert for questions

Dr. André Wortmann ist Ihr Experte für maritime Wirtschaft bei PwC Deutschland

Dr André Wortmann
Partner, Head of Maritime Competence Centre 
PwC Germany
Tel.: +49 40 6378-1414

Our expertise in consulting

We support shipowners in overcoming the hurdles that shipping companies are currently facing. Take us on board for the development and implementation of strategies, transactions and restructurings or the optimisation of administrative and operational processes. We can provide advice on project, change and risk management, IT transformation or cyber security. All of these services and more are available from a single source: our team provides excellent expertise in the maritime industry.

"We develop individual and needs-based solutions for shipping companies and other players in the maritime industry. We support you to future-proof your business."

Dr André Wortmann,Head of Maritime Competence Centre, PwC Germany

Our services

Strategy consulting
We will guide you in the development and implementation of sustainable strategies and steer your ship on the right course.

Transaction consulting
We offer integrated advice in all phases of a transaction: From deal initiation or price negotiations to due diligence or post-merger integration.

Our interdisciplinary team made up of environmental, social and governance (ESG) experts and maritime industry professionals will provide you with support on all issues related to the sustainability of your business.

Digital transformation
THE digitalisation? There is no such thing. The reason for this is that digitalisation affects every company differently. We can address your individual needs and bring experts on board to help with the digital transformation of your business.

Large parts of the maritime industry are particularly cyclical. Readjustments are therefore always necessary. We have a highly experienced restructuring team that is familiar with the specifics of shipping companies and other players in the maritime industry.

Organisation and processes
Competitiveness requires efficient and resilient internal processes. Secure your competitiveness with our support and know-how in the shipping sector.

The PwC Deals Platform

Our deals platform offers integrated services for the entire transaction process from a single source. The process begins with the initiation of a deal and extends to the creation of value after the transaction has been completed. Which goals provide which increase in value? What conditions must be created to achieve this? How does 1+1 add up to more than 2? The team provides support for all types of deals: From acquisitions and sales to IPOs, carve-outs, restructurings and reorganisations.

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Non-wage labour costs in the shipping industry

With the financial support of the federal government to reduce non-wage labour costs, shipping companies are exempted from social security contributions to the tune of millions of euros every year. The interdisciplinary teams of PwC's Maritime Competence Centre are there to support you in all phases of the application and proof-of-use process. Benefit from our decades of experience in the field of maritime non-wage labour costs.

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Sustaining Values

Our "Sustaining Values" platform comprises of a broad range of sustainability consulting services and provides our clients with comprehensive support in their transformation to a sustainable company. This includes the impact of climate change on business models, sustainable supply chains and the circular economy, as well as the requirements for sustainable finance, sustainability reporting and corporate digital responsibility. One thing is certain: Sustainability is no longer just a trend, but probably the most important factor for success in the future. That is why we take a comprehensive approach to sustainability - from strategy to implementation and reporting.

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Public Sector Consultancy

Your expert for questions

Karin Meyer zu Bergsten ist Ihre Expertin für den Öffentlichen Sektor der Maritimen Wirtschaft bei PwC Deutschland

Karin Meyer zu Bergsten
Partner, Ship Financing Manager
PwC Germany
Tel.: +49 40 6378-1798

Our expertise in the public sector

Innovation, entrepreneurship and a global market presence are what makes companies in the maritime industry competitive. The past few years in particular have underlined the special systemic relevance within the shipping industry (container ships or shipping partnerships).

Establishing market access and equal opportunities is one of the duties of the public sector. Industry associations and social partners support the public sector in ensuring a fair competitive environment and a high level of innovation. They contribute the necessary know-how and ensure appropriate working conditions. In addition to shipbuilding and the supply industry, the sea- and land-based logistics infrastructure necessary for German industrial and export interests is being expanded and improved. Special attention is paid to future technologies and the accelerated expansion of offshore energy infrastructure, which is being built and maintained by maritime partners.

"We develop suitable solutions based on our broad and international network expertise and support their implementation and management."

Karin Meyer zu Bergsten,Public Sector Expert, PwC Germany

Our services

Strategic advice
Strategic advice on possible courses of action for the public sector within the competitive environment and regarding political requirements.

Implementation of measures
Implementation of measures under comprehensive (state aid) legal and commercial assessment.

Management support programmes
Further development of support measures and programmes for shipping, shipbuilding and innovation.

Loan structuring
Support for public contracts, for example in shipbuilding - from advice on a tender free of appeals to the selection of a technically and financially capable shipyard.

Shipbuilding award
Assessment of credit risks and preparation of mitigating security and structuring concepts for public risk takers.

Advice on state aid law
State aid assessments on financing, guarantees, warranties and other public sector measures.

Managing shipyard risks
Shipbuilding project controlling and construction progress monitoring to ensure timely, technical and imputed contract compliance for public financiers and guarantors.

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Dr. André Wortmann

Dr. André Wortmann

Partner, Head of Maritime Competence Centre, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 40 6378-1414

Burkhard Sommer

Burkhard Sommer

Director, Deputy Head of the Maritime Competence Centre, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 40 6378-1769