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Dr. André Wortmann ist Ihr Experte für maritime Wirtschaft bei PwC Deutschland

Dr André Wortmann
Partner, Head of Maritime Competence Centre 
PwC Germany
Tel.: +49 40 6378-1414

Seizing opportunities - mastering risks

Our Maritime Competence Centre in Hamburg brings together experts from various fields - all of whom share a passion for the maritime industry. In Germany, we have around 120 experts on board working in strategy and transaction consulting, auditing and tax and legal consulting. In addition to Hamburg, we are also active in Bremen, Kiel and Schwerin. We support our clients not just in Germany but throughout the world. We are a leader in the global network of maritime services.

"Financing, decarbonisation and digitalisation all pose challenges to the maritime industry. As market volatility increases, the predictability of future market developments decreases. This results in both opportunities and risks for German shipping companies and other players in the industry. There is a need for forward-looking integrated solutions."

Dr. André Wortmann,Partner, Head of Maritime Competence Centre, PwC Germany

What we stand for

We provide support to shipping companies in meeting the major challenges of their cyclical business. Our customers include shipping lines as well as charter, tramp and partner shipping companies. Our annual shipowner survey highlights the current concerns and issues faced by German shipping companies.

Shipping is capital intensive. We support banks and investors who are specialised in the maritime industry with our extensive range of services - from auditing to portfolio design and the preparation of expert reports.

The demands being placed on ferries and cruise ships by guests in terms of price and performance are increasing, as are investors' expectations in terms of sustainability and refurbishment. We help you to stay on course despite the growing demands.

We have a large infrastructure team equipped with extensive expertise. Our experts provide advice to seaports and inland ports - including the associated road, rail and air transport routes.

Ports and terminal operators benefit from our integrated expertise across the maritime services, infrastructure and logistics sectors. With our expertise in auditing, tax & legal, consulting, deals and strategy advice, we can help you navigate through choppy waters.

SMEs are a vital client segment for PwC - we have always supported medium-sized companies. That is why we offer all our services from a single source, even in the inland transport sector, which is dominated by small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our interdisciplinary team from the maritime services, infrastructure, (renewable) energy and industrial production sectors will provide support for your offshore project, regardless of whether you are a specialised shipping company, energy group or plant manufacturer.

We support shipyards and suppliers on a wide range of issues: from financing new ships and project costing to audits and surveys. Our integrated maritime infrastructure, audit, tax & legal, consulting, deals and strategic advisory services are what set us apart.

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Our international network in the world of shipping

From cruises to container ships: shipping is international. We are therefore represented by experts from all disciplines at all shipping and shipbuilding locations around the world and always take local challenges such as regulatory requirements into account. In doing so, we always keep the big picture in mind.

  • PwC Germany's Maritime Competence Centre has established the Shipping Meeting Europe.
  • International collaboration on studies (such as on financing instruments and tax systems) and pitches for international clients (cross-border projects).
  • Close cooperation with all major maritime locations within Europe and the network of experts based there.
Das internationale Netzwerk in der Welt der Schifffahrt von PwC Deutschland

The maritime world is our home. From shipping, shipbuilding or supply industry, ports and terminals, inland shipping and hinterland transport to financial sector institutions geared towards maritime investments: we will find tailored solutions to keep you on course.

Our services at a glance


Our wide-ranging advisory services support German shipping companies and other players in the shipping industry to prepare their businesses for the future. We are just as familiar with the needs of container shipping companies as we are with the particularities faced by port operators or financiers.

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Tax & Legal services

Are you looking for guidance through the jungle of tax and legal details? We maintain a comprehensive overview of all tax and legal issues and can develop ideal solutions to keep you on course.

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Auditing and audit-related services

Safety plays a crucial role in shipping. While you ensure the safety on board, we will take care of the reliability of your figures.

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Advising the public sector and associations

Strategies, insights, best practices: We support the public sector and maritime associations to achieve their goals. 

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Dr. André Wortmann

Dr. André Wortmann

Partner, Head of Maritime Competence Centre, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 40 6378-1414