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High-quality, consistently reliable reporting and more flexibility despite increased requirements: How our services can take the pressure off your organization

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Christoph Gruss

Christoph Gruss
Partner, EMEA Finance Managed Service Leader, PwC Germany

Gaining room for maneuver – despite constantly increasing requirements

Today, companies face diverse and complex challenges, including the deepening shortage of skilled labor, growing economic and geopolitical uncertainties and the need for digital transformation. This increasing complexity also extends to corporate reporting: regulatory reporting requirements, particularly for financial and non-financial reportings, are steadily rising. How can companies overcome these and many other challenges?

PwC offers comprehensive support and relief with its Managed Accounting & Reporting Services. Our experts combine their knowledge with high-performing, state-of-the-art technology to manage the reporting for companies of all sizes and industries.

By combining cutting-edge technology with expert knowledge, our range of managed services ensures that your financial and non-financial reporting is of a reliably high quality at all times. This guarantees the trustworthiness of all key figures—an invaluable asset for investors, financial institutions, end customers, and other relevant stakeholders.

“Reporting has to achieve much more today than it did just a few years ago. This places a disproportionate burden on many companies. They benefit from our Managed Accounting & Reporting Services in the short, medium, and long term.”

Christoph Gruss,Partner at PwC Germany

Our Managed Accounting & Reporting Services

Our experts support you comprehensively, attentively, and professionally. Our managed services range from setting up a modern (accounting) policy management system, taking over individual resource-intensive or technically complex processes in accounting, to the preparation of reporting packages including their consolidation, consolidated budget figures, individual and group financial statements including accompanying notes, non-financial reporting and management reporting.

Illustration: Our Managed Accounting & Reporting Services

More knowledge means added value – with our Knowledge-Driven Managed Services, we ensure uniform governance and consistently high-quality financial operations within your organization.

Discover our modular Managed Accounting Services, which prioritize the highest quality and are supported by innovative technology, allowing you to focus on the core activities of your company.

We revolutionize your financial and non-financial reporting, enabling you to effortlessly meet regulatory requirements with our solutions.

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Your Benefits from Our Services

Thanks to our modular approach, we can undertake individual or multiple accounting and/or reporting processes for you as managed services. Companies can utilize our services as a fully integrated package or individually, as a pragmatic interim solution or over an extended period, depending on their needs.

Depending on your individual – and possibly changing – situation, we offer you suitable managed services throughout the entire lifecycle of your company, from start-ups and rapidly growing scale-ups to established corporations and (re)structuring cases.

To implement our managed services operationally, we utilize innovative state-of-the-art technologies. This ensures high efficiency as well as maximum cost and time savings. If needed, we strategically deploy experts from our competence centers in a targeted manner.

With all our managed services, we ensure transparent and audit-proof documentation. Upon request, we also support you in communicating with your auditors.

You have the flexibility to decide how extensively you want to utilize our managed services. They can be flexibly adjusted to your current needs at any time. If desired, we can transfer the processes back to your company after a certain period of time. While doing so, we ensure that the processes seamlessly integrate into your existing process and workflow organization, and your teams receive the necessary expertise to perform all tasks.

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We are a strong partner at your side

With our managed services in the areas of finance, accounting and tax, we provide comprehensive support to you.

Hereby, you

  • always fulfill the latest requirements (such as the IAS 18 accounting standard and the CSRD Directive) for financial and non-financial reporting,
  • utilize digital and integrated consolidation, planning, and reporting solutions that can be flexibly adapted – even if your company is growing rapidly,
  • automate and digitize the processes in your accounting and reporting without the need to invest in IT and personnel resources,
  • employ modern, digital solutions for managing your accounting policies that are user-friendly and enable interactive collaboration,
  • accurately map resource-intensive accounting processes, such as lease accounting according to IFRS 16, or complex tax processes that require specific expertise, such as deferred tax calculation and disclosures according to IAS 12 in a high quality,
  • quickly establish accounting-, financial statement consolidation-, and/or reporting-processes, especially after changes in the corporate structure, such as the carve-out of a business unit.

Our Managed Accounting & Reporting Services significantly enhance compliance and trust in your financial and sustainability reporting. Conversely, unreliable information and reports can undermine the trust of investors, lenders, customers, business partners, the public, and other stakeholders. It is crucial for companies to avoid this in any case.

Because a lack of trust often means

  • higher financing costs, as doubts about reports increase the risk of higher financing costs;
  • lower customer satisfaction and loyalty, as customers expect demonstrable financial stability;
  • compromised business relationships, as loss of trust can jeopardize long-term partnerships;
  • legal consequences and reputational damage, as authorities expect reliability and the public expects transparency;
  • difficulty in attracting top talent: companies are unlikely to attract top talent if they are known for unreliable financial and sustainability reporting.

Managed services – new approaches for digital financial transformation

Everyone is talking about managed services. What does it mean? Why are managed services interesting for you? WP StB Prof Dr Rüdiger Loitz in an interview with Christoph Gruss.

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