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Christoph Gruss ist Partner, EMEA Finance Managed Service Leader bei PwC Deutschland

Christoph Gruss
Partner, EMEA Finance Managed Service Leader, PwC Germany
Tel.: +49 160 4721385

Efficient management of knowledge

The larger companies are and the more decentralized they are organized, the more difficult it is to ensure uniform enterprise-wide governance and a consistently high quality of financial information through efficient knowledge management. Additionally, the number of policies, regulations, and standards in all areas is constantly increasing, thereby raising the demands on corporate executives and employees who must handle a growing flood of information. Due to the shortage of skilled professionals, it is becoming increasingly challenging to recruit qualified personnel who can meet the growing requirements.

Optimized management of the most relevant guidelines can  greatly alleviate these challenges and significantly increase the efficiency of companies. Adequately designed policy management software, such as a high-performance knowledge database, is also an essential communication tool within a company's compliance system.

Illustration: Smartpedia – Knowledge as a Service

In this context, it is crucial that compliance-related knowledge is always up to date. We ensure this with our approach called "Knowledge as a Service" (KaaS). It encompasses three dimensions of knowledge management, which we have summarized in the “Triangle of Knowledge”. Below, you can find out in detail what this means and how it can benefit your company.

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The Triangle of Knowledge

Our Triangle of Knowledge combines the following three dimensions:

Knowledge Enabler

Smartpedia is a solution specifically tailored to the requirements of finance and accounting for managing accounting-related knowledge and the latest guidelines. The platform opens up new opportunities for collaboration and knowledge management within teams.

The knowledge database serves as the central point of reference for researching technical or company-specific questions and information. Simultaneously, the software facilitates the exchange of relevant information among different departments within the company. All content is available on the Smartpedia platform, continuously updated and managed according to a coordinated user and authorization concept.

Knowledge Enhancer

Another functionality of the Smartpedia platform is e-learnings (Knowledge Enhancer). The content is specifically tailored to the topics relevant to the respective users, including information on topics such as IFRS, local GAAP, and ESG. Webcast recordings on these and other current topics are also accessible via the platform, meeting the increasing demand for knowledge among all employees. Moreover, the information is integrated into the knowledge management platform, making it easily and efficiently accessible without requiring additional access or login.

Knowledge Requestor

Users in companies can utilize our Ask PwC expert booking (Knowledge Requestor) via the knowledge management platform, granting them targeted access to the know-how of our experts. Specialized teams are also available to your company based on a topic-related selection. This straightforward solution enables all users to address technical questions directly in a virtual appointment, even resolving complex issues quickly through direct communication with our experts.

Illustration: Triangle of Knowledge - PwC

“Particularly in the field of financial reporting according to IFRS, numerous and often complex changes require ongoing and comprehensive maintenance of documents. Companies often lack the resources to keep their accounting policies up to date. Here, we combine our expertise with the latest technology, tailored to the needs of our customers.”

Christoph Gruss,Partner at PwC Germany
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Christoph Gruss

Christoph Gruss

Partner, PwC Germany

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