Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Shape a company culture that embraces equality and benefit from the advantages of a diverse organisation

Living diversity and meeting the challenges of our time holistically.

Many of our clients are innovation-driven organisations that value DEI and want to integrate it into their culture in the best way possible. After all, it's proven that an inclusive workplace achieves more profitable results and long-term success through a more satisfied and productive workforce. Nevertheless, our clients repeatedly encounter challenges in translating diversity, equity and inclusion into practical and sustainable measures. We help you fully exploit existing potentials, integrate DEI holistically into your organisation, and anchor it as an essential part of your business strategy.

Our approach to your successful DEI transformation.

Through our experience advising companies of various sizes and industries, we can work with you to develop customised solutions that drive your success. We don't consider DEI in isolation, but based on various dimensions critical to success and in the context of your business strategy. Our offering includes both a customer-centric perspective and consideration of internal culture-specific factors.

We help you ensure fairness, leverage efficiencies in your value chain, optimise your employer brand and increase your brand relevance.

Our case studies

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Transformation of an Agency

Challenge & situation

Diversity, equity and inclusion are becoming increasingly important — not just in society but also in the media industry's international environment. Due to these expectations and further societal challenges, our client faced several obstacles, such as the loss of talent and clients.

PwC’s approach

  • The identification of holistic factors that support the agency’s long-term success 
  • The determination of DEI maturity levels through workshops and interviews
  • The elicitation of measures and factors essential to achieving business goals

Results and impact

  • Increased competitiveness and profitability through the improved recruitment of qualified professionals and more creativity and innovation
  • Returning clients through diverse and creative solutions

Supplier diversity strategy for a German automotive manufacturer

Challenge & Situation

Our client was facing various economic, legal and social challenges. On the one hand, it was confronted by damaging impairments in its supply chain, like delivery bottlenecks and outages. Furthermore, legal regulations such as the German Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act (Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz, LkSG), and our client's desire for fairer supplier opportunities, were driving the quest for transformation. Studies show that suppliers that excel in diversity tend to be more innovative and can compete in the marketplace. They, therefore, add value as suppliers but can be easily overlooked due to biases and stereotypes.

PwC’s approach

  • The establishment of a holistic supplier diversity program
  • The analysis of supplier data for an overview of the diversity criteria of its suppliers
  • The identification of optimisation potentials and effective levers in the procurement process
  • Awareness creation and sensitisation of performance-driving diversity & inclusion mechanisms through enablement workshops
  • A holistic internal and external communication strategy to ensure the success of the measures and the associated new brand positioning
  • The implementation of the internal and external communication measures

Results and impact

  • The development of a long-term supplier diversity & inclusion programme, including the implementation of two pilot projects
  • Educating employees on the benefits of diversity in the supply chain
  • The continuous adaptation of procurement processes by expanding the potential of the supplier base 
  • Supporting buyers in finding additional suitable suppliers to secure the supply chain

Are your DEI goals anchored in your brand and communication strategy? We can support you to achieve that objective!

What impact does DEI have on your brand relevance? How do you address your customers now and in the future? And how can you ensure that you position your brand appropriately on the right channels with an inclusive message? When advertising your products and services, are you expressing people's multicultural reality? Because your customers are as diverse as our society, and your authentic brand purpose is becoming increasingly important for consumers, we support you in facing these questions. Together, we will find the right answers, create an individual state-of-the-art strategy and help you analyse and adapt your customer approach and product positioning.

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A strong partnership for your inclusive branding

Promoting diversity and portraying people in a realistic way is becoming increasingly important in product and services advertising and is a crucial step in your DEI journey. That is why we advise clients on advertising concepts of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Together with the renowned advertising agency Grabarz & Partner, we offer you this service from the start all the way to the implementation. 

Which people are represented and how? Is the campaign idea authentic and in line with your brand values? Is it serving or reinforcing (negative) stereotypes? Is there diversity across the partners in your company? Those are just some of the critical questions that together with you, we will address throughout the process. With our offer, we can advise you on end-to-end inclusive advertising and branding, covering operational implementation and advertisement design that credibly represents inclusion.

We cater to your specific needs

We tailor our offer to your wishes and interests. We are happy to accompany you in your holistic DEI transformation – but of course, we can also create an individual offer for a focus topic of your choice. With the expertise and experience of our interdisciplinary team, we cover all areas of your company, advise you strategically, and support your operational implementation. Our consulting services range from educational workshops and enablement sessions – for example, on inclusive language – to long-term support in achieving your goals.

PwC DEI Maturity Model

With our PwC DEI Maturity Model, we assess seven business-relevant dimensions to measure your organisation's DEI maturity level.

We help you understand where you currently stand in the DEI context. We identify the key change levers specific to your organisation using seven critical pillars. We also include a matrix of three crucial levels of intervention (Organisation, Teams, People) where the change process is relevant.


of companies with a high DEI maturity level have a (very) satisfied workforce, compared to only 37% of companies with a low maturity level.


of companies with high DEI maturity have very satisfied customers in contrast to only 35% of companies with low maturity.


of companies with a high level of DEI maturity report above-average revenue growth, compared with only 26% of companies with a low maturity level.

“At PwC Germany, we always aim to bring together the perspectives of people with different backgrounds, life experiences, preferences and beliefs to achieve better results for our clients and society. Fairness and objectivity are cornerstones of our corporate culture. We do not only live this internally. We also accompany companies on their way to anchoring the important topics of diversity, equity and inclusion in their corporate culture and thereby becoming more successful.”

Ilana Rolef-Heberling,Head of Brand Transformation & Communications at PwC Germany
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