Real-time Brand Valuation: Strong brands as a company’s capital

Real-time Brand Valuation: The direct link between consumer brand awareness and monetary brand value

The value of a company’s brand has a direct impact on its commercial success. A strong brand builds customer confidence and makes the company stand out against its competitors. But how can brand value be captured in monetary terms, ideally in real-time, so that marketing strategies can be built around it? 

PwC has created a new digital product that enables companies to make a direct link between consumer brand awareness and the monetary value of the brand.

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The importance of data 

In the 21st century, data is a key commodity, used to develop new products, services and business models. These days, consumers generate an abundance of data, particularly via the various public and social media platforms. But it’s not just the quantity of data that’s rising dramatically; data quality is improving as well. Companies can utilise this information to create added value for their customers and improve their own business processes. As a result, many companies are rethinking the way they interact with consumers and are increasingly heading towards data-driven marketing.

Brands build trust and security

In these times of stimulus and information overload, brands have a crucial role to play. A brand is far more than a logo: it builds customer confidence and trust. A company’s brand is its most valuable asset: it is a promise to the consumer that builds confidence and makes the company stand out against its competitors.

To build a brand, companies need to analyse customer experience in all aspects of the customer journey. Gaining a deep understanding is crucial for identifying unique brand associations that appeal to consumer.

Measuring brand value and how a brand contributes to the company’s success is a challenge. The CEO of a European car manufacturer expressed how important the monetary brand value is to his company:

“We want to directly measure the effect of our investments on brand value and our customers’ opinion.”

Knowing what consumers think and feel about a brand in real-time 

Finding more efficient ways to value brands in today’s digital world requires a rethink. Brand valuation has so far been based on small-scale random samples of survey and panel data collected at different times at great cost. This data often bears no direct relation to what customers are thinking and feeling about a brand in real-time. Today, a holistic, continuous approach to brand valuation is required. Real-time Brand Valuation achieves this by using large amounts of public and social media data that is accessible via PwC’s Digital Intelligence Services.

PwC’s Digital Intelligence Services uses multiple digital channels with over 150 million data sources to record customer opinions of a brand as well as market sentiment. To do this, PwC developed the first global tool for measuring brand value in real-time: Real-time Brand Valuation. This tool is designed to establish the crucial correlation between real-time brand perception and monetary brand value. The innovative methodology allows PwC to measure key metrics such as brand awareness, brand strength, and brand relevance and integrate these directly into a trusted financial model.

Infographic Real-time brand value with intelligence services and financial models

Increasing value and creating new customer experiences

The result is an integrated solution that can be included in the routine decision-making process and used to make strategic business and investment decisions in real-time. That means decision makers can influence brand value as well as identifying the right marketing mix. They can directly identify areas where brand value is being created or damaged. They can use findings from real-time customer data to develop concrete actions, creating unique customer experiences along the customer journey, increasing brand value and responding immediately to any events that impair value. Real-time Brand Valuation offers companies the ability to keep one step ahead of the competition in an increasingly agile, data-driven business world.

Real-time Brand Valuation at a glance

How it works:

Real-time Brand Valuation combines public and social listening data from PwC’s Digital Intelligence Services with a finance-oriented brand valuation model. This new digital product identifies brand-specific metrics and the monetary value effects associated with them.

1. Real-time Brand Metrics

  • Identification of brand-specific metrics, irrespective of time and place (brand awareness, image strengths, brand relevance)
  • Creation of a real-time brand index 
  • Evaluation and comparison of customer opinions, competitors and industry trends in real-time based on 150+ million public and social media sources
  • Brand metrics optimisation using search algorithms controlled by artificial intelligence
  • Visualisation of marketing campaigns and linking with a variety of data sources
  • Savings on cost and time by dispensing with the need for panel studies

2. Real-time Brand Valuation

  • Brand valuation in real-time: daily, weekly, monthly
  • Analysis of how brand value develops over time
  • Development of a real-time brand index 
  • Analysis of effectiveness of brand strategies and marketing activities and identification of their contribution to brand value
  • Measurement of the effect of brand investments on brand value
  • Analysis of individual drivers behind brand value and calculation of their value contributions
  • Brand valuation at regional and national level
  • Brand valuation for corporate/product brands
  • Visualisation of brand valuation and customer-specific integration in management reports
  • Identification of brand value in comparison to the competition
  • Brand valuation and brand communication in times of crisis
  • Identification of brand-specific licensing rates
  • Savings on costs and time of calculating brand value

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