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Financial planning is subject to increasing demand - particularly to satisfy investors: financial models should provide accurate and reliable information on the performance of a project and should remain extremely flexible and user-friendly. Even those who are familiar with Excel quickly reach their limits here. The decisive factor for success is to master the fundamentals of financial modelling from the very beginning of each modelling project.

Especially in financing and investment planning, it is crucial to obtain correct and transparent results. Excel-based planning models are commonly used to assist with this process. Often, however, unsatisfactory models make target-oriented planning more difficult by presenting the opportunities and risks of a business inaccurately or even incorrectly. This can lead to wrong decisions costing millions.

  • “Why do we always need so much time and manpower for the development of Excel models that nobody can operate properly afterwards? Couldn't it be easier?”
  • “Do our financial models meet the quality standards required for our work?”

The financial modelling trainings offer essential answers to these types of questions. Companies use these courses for junior and intermediate employees to quickly and effectively train them. Our fundamental principle: Only what you acquire by your own effort becomes your own. As the organizer, we pay attention to keep the class small in order to achieve the greatest possible learning outcomes:

  • After completing the “Financial Modelling” training course, participants will be able to efficiently build flexible financial models. During the training, participants develop their own model according to best practices in the context of a case study. We remain available after the training for the participants for any further questions.
  • In our subsequent one-day training “Model Review & Audit”, you will learn how to gain quick insight into a complex financial model built in Excel and how to review it systematically.

Online course – Modelling for M&A transactions

Reliable financial models are essential for planning projects, especially in the context of project finance. Studies have shown that over 90 percent of all Excel-based models have severe errors, which can lead to expensive misguided decisions.

The next M&A Modelling Training (in English) will take place soon. Sounds interesting?

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