PwC’s Joint Crisis Center

Interdisciplinary crisis management for your company

Could the war in Ukraine impact your company? Together we will find the right answers to your pressing questions and help to provide stability and trust.

Enormous crisis dynamics with enormous implications

Directly and indirectly, the war in Eastern Europe also affects the European economic and financial system. In a highly publicized speech at the outset of the war, German Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz spoke of a “watershed era”.

As a company you need to brace yourself for a range of short-, medium- and long-term scenarios and risks that may follow as a result. PwC’s Joint Crisis Team will rapidly support you with its interdisciplinary and highly motivated staff.

You must confront a whole range of different questions: What is the situation regarding the protection of employees and the security of production sites and supply chains? What cyber risks arise in respect of the new situation for your own company and for your business partners? Or: How will financial and other economic sanctions impact your own organization?

Most important areas for action

Our interdisciplinary crisis team will discuss the most important questions about areas requiring action as well as potential solutions with you. This includes, among other aspects, the following topics:

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Interdisciplinary crisis management – the PwC Joint Crisis Team

The challenge for all of our PwC experts who are organized on a cross-sectoral basis is to work with you to identify the key action areas and develop appropriate strategies.

The PwC Joint Crisis Team

  • Offers you simple, central access to our bundled competence in the fields of economics, politics, cybersecurity, the military, policing, forensics and risk management.
  • Will quickly put you in touch with the best experts for you, without any fuss.
  • Will prepare complex crisis and conflict scenarios for you and your teams, in a way that is easy to understand.
  • Will help you to respond to various crisis scenarios in a foresighted and appropriate way.

Do you have any questions about the possible individual impact of crisis situations on your company? Please contact us at any time and prepare your course of action with us. PwC is there for you.

You can directly reach PwC’s Joint Crisis Center here

Tel: +49 69 9585-2380

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Clemens Koch

Clemens Koch

Member of the Management Board and Head of Markets & FS, PwC Germany