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With the acceleration of digitalisation, globalisation, the introduction of new laws and structures – companies of all sizes are currently experiencing change on an unprecedented scale. Such rapid developments have repercussions for their employees, business, and organisational arrangements alike. Redefined leadership models, transforming cultures, and generational change have become integral features of day-to-day life.

More than anything else, organisations must be agile to rise to the challenges from global competition and sustain success in the face of uncertainty. Two abilities of companies stand out in particular: flexibility, how quickly and effectively their employees can adjust to new corporate objectives and strategies, and the capacity to change, how willing and ready they can orient their workflows towards such goals.

The People and Organisation (P&O) experts from PwC will generate significant added value for your company. Using PwC’s people-oriented advisory approach, the change management experts will guide you and your organisation to navigate your people through the challenges that come with transformations as well as help them regain their long-term viability and capacity to develop.

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Change management

One fact that poses a challenge is that many digitalisation projects do not yield the desired level of success because personnel does not adjust its working methods to a sufficient extent. After all, the success of any digital transformation depends less on just software and processes and rather more on the skills and mindset of employees. Only employees can spark transformation processes and drive them forward. The experts from PwC will guide you and your teams on this journey using tried-and-tested methods and tools, and we will ensure that you can successfully and sustainably implement your envisaged changes.

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Corporate culture

Investments in your corporate culture – in the commitment and skills of your employees – are the most important investments for your transformation process. However, how much do you need to invest to achieve your desired objectives efficiently and in a motivating manner? With the experts from PwC, your investment needs and success will become quantifiable. We will accompany you step by step on your way towards a corporate culture that meets the needs of the digital age as well as your corporate objectives.

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PwC holds the lead in advisory services for communication and change management

Liz DeVito, the author of the study “The ALM Vanguard: Communications and change management Consulting 2019”, notes that: “PwC's advancing position is directly related to its success using the BXT service delivery model for change engagements, where creativity and risk-taking are speeding implementation and rapid adoption in clients' change programs”. PwC was thus rated as the “Best-in-Class Provider” for its approach to change management.

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Till R. Lohmann

Till R. Lohmann

People & Change Advisory Leader, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 40 6378 8835

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Markus Zillner

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