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Your success depends on the relevance of your products and services to your customers. That's why we focus on your customers' actual circumstances. We design products and services for and with people, keeping an eye on their needs and understanding what drives them. For us, your customers are real people and not columns of numbers on spreadsheets. With this ethos, we shape the future of your customer relationships rather than just predicting them. A deep understanding of future technologies and our broad market overview are core to our innovation processes. This knowledge means fewer surprises – and the right, decisive timing for a powerful technological tailwind. And so that you can shape your customer experience (CX) sustainably and soundly, we show you the way to the right knowledge base: namely valid and target-oriented data.

“Users' needs are evolving rapidly – and so are their expectations. Customer experience is becoming a key differentiator in purchasing decisions and an important driver of innovation for companies.”

Nancy BirkhölzerDirector Advisory, PwC Germany

Experience Consulting

Your CX targets and drivers

Customer experience is the linchpin of customer-centric business models and client retention – but it is only one facet of our Experience Consulting service portfolio.

We believe that your stakeholders’ experience is more than the sum of the human, physical and virtual touchpoints through which you interact with them. Experience Consulting is about more than communication or marketing. We look at your brand's potential and work with you to reinvent, rethink or reclassify entire industries to address your user groups’ needs precisely. In this way, we translate key user groups' insights into strategies for a strengthened license-to-operate from your customers’ point of view - and sustainable success for your company. In Experience Consulting, we penetrate and consider all stakeholders' behaviours, intentions, and needs. From individuals to societies, from your region of origin to your stakeholders worldwide, from customers to shareholders. The outcome? Lasting trust, good experiences, and positive consequences for the emotional bond to your company and your brand.

Change with method: Our consulting portfolio

User Research

With us, not only do you get to know the needs of your users – you get to know those of the entire market. Together, we create meaningful typologies and personas, conduct a usability analysis of your current offering, trace the user journey, and create insightful stakeholder maps.

Service Design

Does your offering meet your customers' demands? We support you with a vision and concept for your products and services, define a precise value proposition and provide you with information about the critical factors of your (new) business model. Is everything clear? Then it's time for your products and services roadmap to the new customer satisfaction.

Interface Design

Whether digital or physical: the first impression counts. We advise you on the customer touchpoints, optimise UI and UX design on common principles and guidelines, and support you in creating style guides for your brand. We then evaluate the results with comprehensive UX tests.

Creative Technology

Digitalisation has created entirely new possibilities for customer engagement. Whether online, via voice UIs, the IoT or traditional hardware: We show you what your users can expect – e.g., with experience or product design prototypes and click dummies.

People and Culture

The customer experience starts before the first contact – inside your company. We advise you on organisational design, deliver agile coaching for co-creation, and support your change management. This way, the employee experience is right too.

“We must design for the way people behave, not for how we would wish them to behave.”

Donald A. Norman
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