Financial restructuring

Successful restructuring through transparency

In crisis situations, management and capital providers need reliable information on the financial status of the company

PwC helps companies and investors to gain the required overview and develops solution options for overcoming the crisis in consideration of the interests of all stakeholders. Experience shows that most restructuring situations require more than just one solution. Solutions can range from short-term measures to bridge liquidity shortages to reaching a sustainable agreement, or the generation of additional liquidity to reduce an existing financing gap. Last but not  least, we identify options for financial restructuring and work out a viable solution for the parties involved. 

PwC advises companies, capital providers and investors throughout the process and, together with you, always develops a coherent financing concept – an important, if not the decisive element of successful restructuring.

Our service at a glance

Your concern

You need an overview of possible financing options in restructuring? You are searching for “emergency funding” to close a liquidity gap? You need an efficient liquidity management? The company's operative earnings power is no longer sufficient to service the existing capital structure? Your capital providers have signaled that envisaging further involvement is subject to certain conditions? The questions are wide-ranging and so are the possible solutions.

Or, as the financing partner of a company, you need transparency regarding the actual financial situation of the company and possible restructuring options in order to retain your position the best possible way?

Our offer

PwC supports you in the conception, communication and negotiation of refinancing concepts. The PwC experts support companies in crisis situations as well as potential capital providers in the conceptualization, communication and negotiation of solutions. PwC advises on debt restructuring measures and provides support when dealing with capital providers and suppliers. Our experts also help to develop and implement measures for the short-term release of liquid funds and for strengthening the company's liquidity. 

We deal with the stakeholders involved in the process, already thinking two steps ahead and striving for a solution that is acceptable for all parties. Our experts are familiar with the  general tasks and challenges of refinancing in the restructuring environment. They know the complexity of recapitalization concepts and the time pressure, under which they are to be prepared and implemented.

Our promise

We support you throughout the process. Our experts have experience with all parties involved and offer you full-scope professional commercial and legal support in financial restructuring, regardless of whether you act as a company or a capital provider.

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