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Professional Managed Services

Your processes in our hands

Put your trust in a partner who will not only advise your company, but also roll up their sleeves and get to work, helping you to concentrate on the areas that will bring you forward in the long term.

Ulrich Störk
Management Board Spokesperson at PwC Germany

Professional Managed Services are our unique approach to running even the most demanding corporate functions

Companies want to focus on what they do best. More than ever before, digital transformation is creating complex challenges that are difficult to successfully address alone. These include managing new risks, use of modern technology, compliance with, and tracking, updated regulations as well as adjustments to operations.

The good news is that you can simply let us do the job. Put your trust in a partner who will not only provide professional advice for your company, but also roll up their sleeves and work hand in hand with you to achieve operational success. This is where our Professional Managed Services come in. These Professional Managed Services are based on a new paradigm for service delivery, one which combines our extensive understanding of business and our specialist operational knowledge from our professional services with in-depth expertise in data and technology. This puts us in a pole position not only to quickly take over and implement your existing processes, but also to simplify them at crucial points with long term improvements.

We will work with you to strengthen your company in the long term and enable further growth.

Focusing on your success together

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Work more cost-effectively

Our experienced specialists can accomplish a wide variety of tasks – within your current environments. You won’t need to set up any processes or purchase expensive software.

Share risks and successes

For us, collaboration means real teamwork in which we set common goals, share risks and work together to develop efficient solutions which create added value.

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Rapid support

Plug and play: When taking over your processes, we can be there to help at short notice – with a team ready for immediate operations and tailored to your challenges.

Manage growth

By taking on even your more complex operational activities, we create space for your growth agenda. Your team can concentrate on the essentials – we provide the capacity.

How we can help you with Professional Managed Services

Executive Managed Services

Growing pressure from new competitors and how best to identify relevant technology to put to use are major challenges in a time of change. But don’t worry – we can help you with your digital transformation by carrying out business analyses, running your central processes and providing change management. We can also provide board management support and help you with issues such as operational and strategic planning, and we run a professional project management office to ensure that your projects are brought to fruition.

Finance Managed Services

Whether you need management reports, accounts receivable, accounts payable or annual financial statements – we offer easy-to-integrate Managed Services for many different finance processes. We combine extensive finance and accounting know-how with in-depth experience and state-of-the-art technologies. Our portfolio ranges from financial cost and value management and standard bookkeeping services to running entire accounting and treasury functions for our clients.

Workforce Managed Services

Our range of workforce Managed Services is ideal for helping you make your HR processes more efficient in the long term. We can handle payroll processes such as issuing pay slips, provide support with pension management, create and maintain job postings for attraction and recruiting, and assist with talent management, talent acquisition and talent development. We also use HR data visualisations and analytics to ensure transparent processes.

Technology Managed Services

Smooth and secure IT operations are fundamental to efficient processes in your company, so we offer support with application management by taking care of standard software such as SAP, Workday and Salesforce. Our managed cybersecurity provides you with the defenses you need against cyber risks. Reporting as a service ensures reliable reporting, and we can help you use your data profitably with data and analytics as a service.

Compliance and risk management Managed Services

Implementing efficient compliance and risk management is a major challenge for many companies. This makes our compliance service the ideal solution to setting up a legally secure company organisation and adhering to all legal requirements, such as data protection regulations. We can also handle other tasks in this area, such as risk and control testing and internal auditing, and help ensure continuity of your business by monitoring regulations.

Operations Managed Services

Whether in transaction management, procurement or claims and complaint management, we can run your processes for you – and strike just the right balance of quality and efficiency. With legal services, we can provide all the functions of a legal department, such as ongoing drafting and review of contracts. Intelligent use of the latest technologies combined with highly experienced consultants allows us to support you in optimising your operational processes and sustainably increasing added value.

Managed Tax Services

Depending on your requirements, we can take on individual process steps, or all the work handled by your tax department (insourced solutions for tax) – and you will benefit from our expertise in tax compliance and our use of state-of-the-art technologies.

We also offer support with calculating tax-relevant key figures, as well as with controlling, monitoring and implementation of processes for tax audits or international reporting obligations, while our knowledge Managed Services are the perfect way to keep your employees up to date on regulatory and tax developments.

A selection of our professional Managed Services

Internal whistleblower systems in accordance with the EU Whistleblowing Directive

Development and operation of financial functions as Managed Services

Cloud and AI-based solution for global transparency reports

Digital fee and charge calculator for public institutions

Individual solutions for entity governance and compliance

Know your customer – smart identification and verification solution

Managed Services for all financial crime issues

Managed Services to relieve your HR department

Managed Services and reporting for your crypto assets

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Managing digital finance transformation

What opportunities do Managed Services offer? Dr Rüdiger Loitz talks to Christoph Gruss about the approach and its importance for digital finance transformation.

“With Managed Services, we bring our many years of experience, our quality standards and our latest technology into your company’s processes.”

Ulrich Störk,Management Board Spokesperson at PwC Germany
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