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Put your trust in a partner who will not only advise your company, but also roll up their sleeves and get to work, helping you to focus on the areas that will bring you forward in the long term.

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Julia Unkel, Managed Services Leader, PwC Germany

Julia Unkel
Managed Services Leader,
PwC Germany

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Professional Managed Services are our unique approach to running even the most demanding corporate functions

Companies want to focus on what they do best. More than ever before, digital transformation is creating complex challenges that are difficult to successfully address alone.

These include managing new risks, use of modern technology, compliance with, and tracking, updated regulations as well as adjustments to operations.

The good news is that you can simply let us do the job. Put your trust in a partner who will not only provide professional advice for your company, but also roll up their sleeves and work hand in hand with you to achieve operational success.

This is where our Professional Managed Services comes in. These Professional Managed Services are based on a new paradigm for service delivery – one which is a human-led, tech-powered approach to operational delivery. It combines our experience in solving complex business problems for global organizations with our industry-leading operational delivery teams, processes and capabilities.

Together, we can set a vision for creating long-term value, then make it happen – delivering your projects or programmes, or running your complex business-as-usual functions. We go beyond ‘getting the job done’ – we leave you stronger, for the long-term.

We will help you achieve the results and outcomes that you need, while building the capabilities to make your organisation stronger and enable future additional growth.

Are Managed Services right for you?

Answer a few simple questions to find out whether Managed Services are the right solution for you and the challenges you face.

Are you completing the questionnaire for one of the following company functions?

Accounting, Finance, Tax, Law, Operations, Legal, HR, IT

Is there a staff shortage in your department?

Are you having trouble finding the skilled workers you need in a reasonable timeframe?

Do your employees regularly have to deal with processes outside their core tasks?

Is it a challenge for your company to continuously and properly implement new regulations?

Would you like to expand the use of modern tools for optimising and automating your processes?

When it comes to staying up to date in the digital world, are the costs and work involved in acquiring and implementing software a hurdle for your company?

Are there processes in your company that you would like to simplify?

Would you like to make your planning more reliable for digitalisation projects, personnel deployment and training, and introduction of new processes?

How we can help you with Professional Managed Services

Outsource your tax processes to us and benefit from our expertise and state-of-the-art technology.

We can run selected legal department functions for you.

Our Public Sector Managed Services are an ideal tool to strengthen public institutions – every day!

Business process outsourcing for cybersecurity – tailored solutions for all kinds of organisations

A safe pair of hands for your financial processes.

We lead your infrastructure projects to success – from planning to operation.

Outsourcing selected IT processes can unlock new freedoms for your IT department.

Unlock your organisations’ potential with our Managed Services solutions.

We support you in strategic employee management.

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“With Managed Services, we bring our many years of experience, our quality standards and our latest technology into your company’s processes.”

Julia Unkel,Managed Services Leader, PwC Germany
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Julia Unkel

Julia Unkel

Managed Services Leader, PwC Germany