Holistic restructuring advice and crisis management

Surviving crisis situations successfully

Reorganization and restructuring concepts to master crisis situations

The reasons whether and when a company is facing a crisis are frequently manifold and not easy to interpret. Usually, a tense economic situation develops as soon as sales markets do not (or no longer) fit the strategic orientation of the company. As a consequence, the steps from sub-optimal processes to declining sales, loss of customers and employees through to reduced profitability and a strained financing and liquidity situation are small and can occur within a short time. 

Our colleagues from the Business Recovery Services Team are experts in restructuring. They help you identify these initial signs and develop appropriate reorganization and restructuring concepts to manage the crisis, and implement them together with you. With our holistic restructuring advice, we create real added value in complex, time-critical and challenging times of crisis. Of course, we also provide support in comprehensive stakeholder management.

Our service at a glance

Your concern

  • You want to  know whether your company is still “on track” or in a crisis situation?
  • You want to know how far the crisis has already advanced and which operational and financial measures of crisis consulting must be taken in order to stabilize the company and overcome the crisis or insolvency?
  • You need support in communicating with your stakeholders such as banks, customers, suppliers and employees?
  • You need support in crisis management so that you can continue to concentrate on your day-to-day business?

The requirements in crises situations are multifaceted and time-critical. The advice of our PwC experts helps you to cope with these challenges and lead your company out of the crisis.

Our offer

Our team of experienced restructuring advisors assists you in mastering the crisis situation. We create the transparency necessary in a crisis and, together with you, draw up viable and sustainable restructuring concepts to restore your company's competitiveness. 

In doing so, PwC takes a holistic restructuring approach. Along with classic restructuring approaches such as measures to reduce costs or increase liquidity (working capital improvement), review and, if necessary, realignment of the corporate strategy and identification of refinancing options, the global PwC network enables interdisciplinary support during the crisis as well as evaluation of tax and legal aspects. We also support you in monitoring the initiated measures and in the communication with the stakeholders involved, in particular with the capital providers.

Our promise

We understand your situation: Our experts from the PwC Business Recovery Services team have extensive experience and expertise in critical and complex crisis situations.

We understand your sector of industry: The global PwC Expert Network enables quick access to both technical and sector-specific experts.

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