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Anita Kim-Reinartz, Leader Forensic Services at PwC Germany

Anita Kim-Reinartz
Leader Forensic Services at PwC Germany
Tel: +49 160 94412272

Our eDiscovery Expertise for Your Decisions

The topic of electronic discovery (eDiscovery) requires broad and in-depth expertise. This applies to the establishment of in-house eDiscovery capacities and collaboration with third-party providers, as well as continuous development and optimisation. 

Our experienced forensics team guides you throughout the entire process with the necessary expertise, both in terms of the subject matter and technology. Our experts have the legal knowledge of compliance and governance issues, and cover the entire forensic technical spectrum.

Our services at a glance

eDiscovery processes

Modern eDiscovery suites are designed for a wide range of possible scenarios. The flexibility has its price. Many bits and pieces must be defined or adjusted to fulfil your company's needs. Many questions such as the definition and coordination of data sources or the inclusion of involved parties are left up to the user. Thus, eDiscovery can become as complex as your company itself. We assist you in defining the processes while taking your requirements and objectives into account and applying them successfully.

Technology consulting 

Data growth is accelerating, while new services, systems, and communication-channels are emerging. As a result of these trends, an increasing number of integrated and specialised eDiscovery tools are being created. Existing eDiscovery suites are being upgraded and specialised further.

Through our extensive  experience on the market, we are familiar with the requirements of users, as well as the potential and limits of various technologies. We apply this knowledge to help you find the right tools and approaches and integrate them into your system landscape.

Guidelines, policies & procedures

In addition to having the best personnel, in-house standardisation is absolutely necessary to ensure results of the highest quality. The same applies to eDiscovery processes. We assist you in setting up customised guidelines including methodologies, which are tailored to your processes and requirements. In doing so, it is important to identify accurate and significant quality measurements and guarantee their measurability.

System migration

Moving to a new system or expanding the system landscape may indeed be worthwhile. However, it is absolutely necessary to plan the migration thoroughly, execute it efficiently, and resolve any errors during migration quickly. An inherent component of any successful migration is a concluding verification of the completeness of the data and system functionality. Our eDiscovery team accompanies your company throughout the entire migration process and assists you in reducing risks and exploiting potential.


Amongst others, we support you in:

  • the identification of relevant components
  • resource planning
  • roadmap creation
  • the integration in the overall transformation


Among other topics, we support you in:

  • the seamless integration in the existing workflow
  • individual technical arrangements and configuration
  • the coordination of interfaces


We are at your side, for example to:

  • identify and eliminate the root causes of problems
  • implement a prevention plan

Continuous Advancement

Among other topics, we support you in:

  • ensuring functionality
  • preventing data losses

Maturity Assessments

We put your existing eDiscovery structures, processes, and technologies to the test. On the basis of our PwC maturity model, we compare your system to industry standards and regulatory requirements. As a result, you receive a detailed report on strengths and potential risks as well as recommendations for adjustments and further development.

Further Benefits Arising From Our Collaboration

Our joint focus points

Security of your data

The security of your data is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, we work in an IT landscape featuring the highest security standards and ensure the technical and organisational protection of your original data.

Concentrating on the essentials

We combine our forensic expertise with technical know-how and enable you to gain deep insight into your data within a short period. In doing so, we group documents based on their content, search terms, or communication relationship applying AI methods so that significantly fewer documents must be subjected to manual review.

Ensuring your evidence will stand up in court

A meaningful document can quickly lose value if it cannot stand up as evidence for litigation. Due to our extensive expertise, we know what is important for the forensic preservation and collection, processing, and analysis of digital evidence. We support you in ensuring that the integrity and documentation of your evidence will stand up in court.

Proactivity and flexibility

In us, you have a partner at your side who thinks ahead and acts responsibly on your behalf: we provide you with excellent technical forensic consulting services along the entire value-added chain.

Jointly and in close coordination we will define an approach which will bring your investigation to a successful and efficient conclusion.

Our Services in the Field of Digital Forensics & eDiscovery

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Anita Kim-Reinartz

Anita Kim-Reinartz

Partner, Leader Forensic Services, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 160 94412272