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We Support Your Company by Offering Partial to Full Assistance

No two eDiscovery cases are alike. We support your projects with our team's extensive forensic experience and first-rate technical expertise. We compile a needs-based package with innovative technological solutions as well as a tailored approach  to your case.

At the beginning of any required review of Electronically Stored Information (ESI), questions are posed to define the scope and depth of the support needed:

  • Do your employees have the expertise required to efficiently ensure the forensic collection, data processing, and analysis of various data sources in a targeted manner which will stand up in court?
  • Does your company have the necessary tools and solutions at its disposal to deal in a forensically sound manner with this case, from the data collection up to the review of documents?
  • Does your company have sufficient capacities of experienced staff to conclude the case on time within the desired period independently and without assistance?
  • Could an independently performed review be interpreted to the detriment of your company with regard to its integrity and aspects of independence?

On the basis of your situation, we collaborate with you to define the needs of your eDiscovery project.

eDiscovery Added Value

We support you in preparing an overview of your IT landscape and the life cycle of your electronic data, from its generation to its deletion. You lay the foundation for the identification of relevant data sources for investigations, analyses, disclosure, or other needs.

We assist you in localising potential relevant data sources and help to define the required scope, as well as any limitations.

Preservation: We assist you in assuring the data integrity of the ESI and in protecting it from modification or deletion.

Collection: We consult and assist you in the forensic collection of ESI (from laptops, smartphones, servers, cloud services, etc.) for further use for litigation matters (process, review, etc.).

Processing: We reduce ESI volumes and convert the data to a structured format to facilitate and/or execute an analysis or review.

Review: We develop a customised approach for the targeted review of potentially relevant ESI (e-mails, chat transcripts, documents, multimedia, etc.) to enable an assessment with regard to the subject matter.

Analysis: We analyse the ESI with regard to content and context and optimise its analysis and review using Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well as the application of innovative technologies.

Production: We perform the data export and make the information available in the formats required.

Presentation: We assist you in presenting the ESI and preparing the results of the review for further use (report creation, internal investigations, expert opinions, litigation, etc.)

An Overview of Your Benefits

Our joint focus points

Security of your data

The security of your data is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, we work in an IT landscape featuring the highest security standards and ensure the technical and organisational protection of your original data.

Concentrating on the essentials

We combine our forensic expertise with technical know-how and enable you to gain deep insight into your data within a short period. In doing so, we group documents based on their content, search terms, or communication relationship applying AI methods so that significantly fewer documents must be subjected to manual review.

Ensuring your evidence will stand up in court

A meaningful document can quickly lose value if it cannot stand up as evidence for litigation. Due to our extensive expertise, we know what is important for the forensic preservation and collection, processing, and analysis of digital evidence. We support you in ensuring that the integrity and documentation of your evidence will stand up in court.

Proactivity and flexibility

In us, you have a partner at your side who thinks ahead and acts responsibly on your behalf: we provide you with excellent technical forensic consulting services along the entire value-added chain.

Jointly and in close coordination we will define an approach which will bring your investigation to a successful and efficient conclusion.

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