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Anita Kim-Reinartz, Leader Forensic Services at PwC Germany

Anita Kim-Reinartz
Leader Forensic Services at PwC Germany
Tel: +49 160 94412272

Scaling eReviews Flexibly and Professionally With Our Assistance

The examination of large volumes of data as part of an eReview represents a particular challenge in terms of preparation, available capacities, data privacy and confidentiality, as well as the technical forensic realisation. Experience and professional expertise along with efficiency, flexibility and speed are the key to success.

With Managed eReview On Demand we provide your investigation with a solution which is both cost-effective and tailored to your needs. A multidisciplinary team of experienced multilingual reviewers and innovative technologies enable you to have a high-quality and maximally flexible process.

Our Services at a Glance

Our solutions enable you to react to any challenge in a quick and agile manner. Managed eReview On Demand allows flexible organisation within the framework of your individual requirements.

Meeting challenges with our Managed eReview On Demand

  • Legal disputes, internal investigations, or regulatory provisions which require an eReview.
  • Insufficient review capacities to handle large volumes of data within the available timeframe. Our interdisciplinary team comprises more than 1,000 multilingual PwC experts composed of investigators and eDiscovery professionals who are available around the clock.
  • Large volumes of data which require technical and workforce support and whose handling is court-accepted.
  • Application of smart technologies and approaches to significantly decrease data volumes for the eReview. To achieve this, we rely on proven review platforms and modern tools with Artificial Intelligence (AI) or create customised solutions for you.
  • Cost efficiency and transparency for projects which are often labour-intensive.
  • A flexible, proven, and scalable approach under conditions urgent in terms of time and/or scope.

An Overview of Your Benefits

Our joint focus points

Security of your data

The security of your data is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, we work in an IT landscape featuring the highest security standards and ensure the technical and organisational protection of your original data.

Concentrating on the essentials

We combine our forensic expertise with technical know-how and enable you to gain deep insight into your data within a short period. In doing so, we group documents based on their content, search terms, or communication relationship applying AI methods so that significantly fewer documents must be subjected to manual review.

Ensuring your evidence will stand up in court

A meaningful document can quickly lose value if it cannot stand up as evidence for litigation. Due to our extensive expertise, we know what is important for the forensic preservation and collection, processing, and analysis of digital evidence. We support you in ensuring that the integrity and documentation of your evidence will stand up in court.

Proactivity and flexibility

In us, you have a partner at your side who thinks ahead and acts responsibly on your behalf: we provide you with excellent technical forensic consulting services along the entire value-added chain.

Jointly and in close coordination we will define an approach which will bring your investigation to a successful and efficient conclusion.

Our services in the field of Digital Forensics & eDiscovery

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Anita Kim-Reinartz

Anita Kim-Reinartz

Partner, Leader Forensic Services, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 160 94412272