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SAP® Global Trade Services (GTS®) from the Cloud

What are the export requirements for other countries and regions? How can we ensure that we always have the most up-to-date information and that we implement each new customs regulation in a timely manner? How can processes be made leaner or automated completely? With demand-based cloud applications!

The amount of legislation on international trade is constantly increasing. It can be hard for companies to keep track of the regulations in such a complicated environment. PwC is your contact for these issues. We provide a holistic approach to consulting on all aspects of customs and international trade – from strategy to implementation. Our goal is to minimise the risks for you.

“Thanks to our global network, we are in a position to analyse questions about customs and foreign trade quickly and find the right answers. We offer comprehensive advice on a global scale and customs cloud software that can be integrated in ERP. These solutions meet all of the customs authorities’ requirements and thus allow for fast and automated customs procedures.”

Siegfried Klein, Sales Lead SAP GTS at PwC Germany
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Along the supply chain, many operational departments – from purchasing and warehousing to sales – come into contact with supply chain and international trade processes. In the era of globalisation, these are high-priority issues. In addition, new and complex legal requirements are constantly being adopted.

If the current regulations are implemented incorrectly, it can mean that products are not purchased or delivered in time. This can potentially lead to order losses. Moreover, accurately documenting assessments takes up a lot of time. If errors occur, for example in export control, this can even lead to penalties.


Our experts have many years of experience in compliance, management, customs management, risk management and electronic compliance reporting (ECR). With PwC, you have a partner by your side who can optimise and accelerate your business processes. We stand for an integrated and holistic approach.

We advise companies that are interested in the benefits of cloud solutions for customs clearance and international trade and that wish to optimise or integrate SAP Global Trade Services in their ERP systems. In addition, PwC’s 50 global experts and more than 550 customs specialists can support you with your strategic direction and with the development of customs software solutions for global trade. We also offer a Customer Support Center and training in this area.

Cloud software for global trade: at the core of what we offer

At the heart of our services is a cloud product that SAP introduced in 2003. It ensures that companies comply with the legal regulations involved in customs and international trade. Since 2010, PwC has been operating scalable SAP GTS systems on the cloud that are suitable for businesses of all sizes. We offer affordable cloud services for optimised customs and international trade processes that can be seamlessly integrated into the ERP software. PwC is the world’s only provider of OnDemand for SAP GTS.

PwC’s SAP GTS consulting portfolio

  • Consulting services/on-premises
  • Development
  • System operation for SAP GTS
  • OnDemand for SAP GTS
  • Customer Service Center (CSC)
  • Software as a Service for SAP GTS
  • Customs advice
  • GTS training

Our cloud solutions for SAP are available in three variants

OnDemand: We operate the solution for you on the basis of usage-based billing. A license is not required. This variant is particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized companies.

Software as a Service (SaaS): operation is based on a fixed monthly price. Again, you do not need a license. Compared to the OnDemand variant, the SaaS approach is more flexible. It is particularly suitable for medium to large companies.

System operation: We operate your solution in your own or our IT center based on a fixed monthly cost. This variant is intended for larger companies.

What all the variants have in common is that they are scalable and available as a cloud solution. In each case, PwC oversees the maintenance and administration and delivers the data content – for example, in the form of sanctions lists or preferential agreements.

Our cloud solutions for SAP

Your benefits

SAP’s cloud solutions for global trade management are an economical alternative to many other on-premises products on the market. Your advantages include:

  • You receive all services from one source and have only one contractual partner.
  • With OnDemand for SAP GTS, you can save nearly half the costs compared to alternative solutions.
  • You can use features without having to install and pay for a complete system.
  • You receive a low-cost, high-end product with the standard features.
  • You benefit from a scalable system and can select additional functions as needed.
  • There are no license or hardware costs (applies to SAP GTS OnDemand and SAP GTS Software as a Service).
  • You avoid penalties, legal consequences and the withdrawal of customs authorisations.
  • You have a German and English-speaking customs team on hand to support you.

Customer Service Center

We also offer a Customer Service Center (CSC), which specifically supports your employees when they have problems. Moreover, the CSC provides information on international trade, customs clearance and customs procedures, and answers general questions on import and export, customs law and customs inspection as well as foreign trade and export control and customs and foreign trade questions. Within specified reaction times, our experts will assist you with your day-to-day business. This includes professional customs advice. A ticketing system allows questions and issues to be recorded directly and digitally as well as their current status to be tracked.

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