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What are low-code and no-code technologies?

Low-code/no-code technologies simplify the development of applications in order to automate manual processes and use freed-up capacity for activities that generate business value. In times of ever increasing digitalization, programming new software is no longer just an area of responsibility for developers. Depending on the complexity of the desired application (citizen development), software development can also be taken on by employees within the respective departments with minimal training effort. This means that productive solutions with the right low-code platform can be implemented quickly and without extensive costs for specialists – drag-and-drop development.

It is also possible to professionally develop software on Power Platform and to replace existing legacy systems by using low-code and no-code solutions.

With no-code and low-code technologies, you can include employees without programming skills in the design of their digital workplace - simply by allowing them to develop and implement their own solutions and applications.

Low-code/no-code technology from Microsoft at a glance

Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate enables organizations to automate and improve workflows. We help you create workflows that seamlessly exchange data and information between different applications and systems whilst autonomously executing predefined actions both quickly and easily. Properly implemented, Power Automate can increase the efficiency, productivity and consistency of business processes and help save time and money.

Virtual Agents

Once set up, chatbots can efficiently process previously defined customer queries automatically as well as answer them situationally using artificial intelligence. This reduces waiting times for customers and contributes to higher rates of satisfaction. In addition, companies can also reduce the workload of their own employees: Routine tasks can be outsourced, and more focus can be invested in solving complex tasks and requests. We will show you how this can improve both customer experience and productivity.

Power Apps

With Microsoft Power Apps, companies can develop applications that help solve business-specific problems quickly. Even without extensive programming skills, employees can create apps that can be integrated with other Microsoft applications. Power Apps can be used to streamline processes, automate tasks and improve collaboration between teams. Templates and connectors help with development.

Power Pages

Create, host and manage: We help you set up modern internal and external corporate websites with Power Pages. With customisable templates and the integrated design studio, your staff can quickly create websites that meet individual business needs. We advise you on setting up a data strategy for an effective implementation and also support you in integrating with other Microsoft solutions in your tool landscape.


Microsoft Power BI is an intuitive and user-friendly platform that enables employees without extensive programming skills to create data models, design reports, realize dashboards and update them in real time. This allows your organization to collect, transform and visualize data from various sources to highlight important metrics and KPIs, gain valuable insights into process optimization, for instance, to make informed decisions. Employees can also use predefined templates and connectors to speed up development and ensure that their data is integrated seamlessly and reliably.

How we support you along your low-code/no-code platform journey

Strategy consulting

  • Potential and maturity assessment
  • Strategic roadmap incl. scaling of Citizen Development in the company and initiatives such as process mining, hyperautomation and AI
  • Business case calculation and value tracking
  • KPIs and OKRs

Operating models and governance

  • Conception and implementation of the Target Operating Model (TOM) incl. the Citizen Developer concept
  • Governance framework (organizational and technical)
  • Implementation of all necessary API and data gateways for the desired system
  • Reduction of process risks through holistic transparency and governance structures

Change Management & Adoption

  • Change management and accompanying communication activities for your digital transformation
  • Qualification of the workforce via, for example, “training on the job”, mentoring, hackathons or app-in-a-day workshops

Practical use cases

  • Workshops to generate ideas for use cases
  • Prototyping
  • Support in the implementation of use cases
  • Development of low-code solutions with nearshore resources provided by PwC

Microsoft Power Platform and Citizen Development

Do you want to empower your business to build its own apps and automation system? Find out more about the key success factors to successfully establish Microsoft Power Platform and how we at PwC can help you on your low-code journey.

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PwC’s value proposition: Support from strategy all the way to implementation

We accompany you on your low-code/no-code journey – from the low-code strategy through to the implementation of use cases. We accompany you as a reliable partner with a wide range of services to help drive digitalisation and automation in your business.

PwC offers a broad range of technical expertise and project experience:

  • IT & business expertise
  • Extensive collection of sample use cases
  • UI/UX expertise

With our extensive network and partnerships, you can cost-effectively benefit from the best solutions:

  • Broad network for insights into industry best practices
  • PwC nearshore resources
  • Microsoft Gold Partner (2021)

Our lighthouse project

PwC successfully managed one of the largest Power Platform implementation projects in Europe.

PwC introduced Microsoft Power Platform to a global automotive supplier and established the platform sustainably among its employees with customized adoption measures.

Top 4 in Germany*
Top 10 in Europe*

regarding licenses & usage

Exemplary demo applications

In every department there are hundreds of examples of processes that can be digitized and automated. Here are two examples:

Expenses Tracker App

Track expenses and costs on one platform – based on Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate and AI Builder. Save time, simplify invoice approvals and create true expense transparency.

Learning App

Organize and book trainings easily: The Learning App combines a model-driven Power App for training scheduling and a Canvas Power App for convenient registration.

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