Working Capital Management & Solutions

Identifying potential working capital improvements and enable enhanced and sustainable cash performance

Companies with strong working capital management have a major competitive advantage. The current uncertainty regarding the global economy and financial markets is creating strong pressure on cash management for companies and their supply chains. In the context of ongoing volatility in some of the world’s most important markets, business leaders across Europe are battling to prepare their companies for the digital transformation by bringing revenue growth and cashflow into alignment – while also stabilising their overall financial results. Investors and ratings agencies are paying increasingly close attention to these topics. And that’s why it’s more important than ever to focus on working capital management and cashflow.

Optimising working capital for the long-term

Company management is asking themselves a range of important questions.  How can better working capital management help to cover additional cash requirements? How can we adopt an holistic and sustainable approach to Working Capital Management covering cash awareness, enhanced liquidity and working capital performance, improved transparency across every area of our business and throughout the entire working capital cycle – and that encourages compliance? How do our terms of payment compare to the rest of our industry and how should we adapt them? What’s the best way to balance cost and service? How can we improve inventory levels and performance? We can support you in answering all of these questions – and what to do to improve on current working capital performance from an operational point of view

Longstanding industry expertise

Our dedicated working capital expert team can support you in realising and achieving your working capital potential. We can provide benchmarking to provide insights compared to peers or sector performance. To provide deep and meaning operational cash potential and key levers we provide diagnostic capability to rapidly identify the areas and drivers of cash potential. Furthermore we can support realising the cash potential utilising our deep data analytics, hands-on expertise and global network of working capital experts. 

The basis of our working capital approach is based on 4 main drivers for strong cash performance:

  • Understanding and enhancing terms and conditions
  • Enhancing and optimising underlying processes driving working capital and cash performance
  • Working capital transparency, reporting an monitoring at management and operational levels
  • Cash culture and incentivisation across all stakeholder levels in the organisation

We have deep experience and a proven track record in Working Capital Management. We are managers rather than consultants – the majority of our team members come from industry, bringing years of deep experience across a wide range of industry sectors.

We help you to:

  • identify and realise cash and cost benefits across the end-to-end value chain at every stage of the transaction cycle
  • optimise operational processes that underpin the working capital cycle
  • implement digital working capital solutions and data analytics
  • achieve rapid cash conservation in crisis situations
  • create a 'cash culture' and upskill the organisation through our working capital academy

We work in a collaborative manner together with you to develop opportunity and quickly establish areas of cash improvement thereby building trust and buy-in from day one to ensure sustainable results.

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Working Capital Management Restart:
Value Creation through Working Capital Excellence

Restarting and reloading your working capital performance: Companies recently have experienced sudden shifts in working capital and liquidity requirements driven by disruption of demand and supply. Our experts reveal how you can enable a stronger operational cash position to restart your working capital performance out of a crisis.

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