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Optimise your strategies, processes, and products using PwC's Data Analytics solutions. From intelligent data mining to highly automated business analytics: We make your data big!

Unlock the full potential of your data

Your company has an immense wealth of information. It is the data that it continuously collects. But how do you find the truly valuable information in these huge quantities of data? And how can you capitalise this information? We can show you.

We make it easy to get started

You do not need to make huge investments or hire legions of data scientists in order to benefit from your wealth of big data. Our sophisticated Data Analytics solutions are available for many use cases and usually up and running quickly.

We think Data & Analytics beyond

It's about more than just fancy dashboards.With the help of our Data Analytics solutions, our clients identify the parameters for the future of their companies. They discover new opportunities and business areas and comply with all data protection guidelines. This is what we mean by advanced analytics.


Better insights, better solutions

European Premiere of the MIT CDOIQ – PwC will be there! 

As a Platinum Sponsor, PwC will be part of the European premieres of the prestigious Chief Data Officer & Information Quality Symposium (CDOIQ) this year, actively shaping the event agenda and contributing our expertise in the field of Data & Analytics. Under this year's motto “Data Strategies to Drive Business Values”, the symposium provides a platform for data officers from industry and academia to exchange innovative ideas and best practices and to develop business data strategies.  As a pioneer and expert in the field of Data & Analytics, PwC will be represented by Marcus Hartmann, CDO for PwC Germany and Europe. 

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Pioneering Factory Intelligence

PwC Factory Intelligence is more than a compilation of intelligent IoT applications. It combines profound industry expertise, detailed process knowledge, and the strategic recommendations of PwC experts into a unique Data Analytics solution.

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Keeping an eye on climate change

Climate change represents risks and opportunities for both the economy and companies. Business models and their strategic resilience are facing great challenges. Our data analysis leads our customers in new directions.

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Forecasts you can trust

Automated financial forecasts stand and fall with the confidence in their reliability. Our predictive analytics software offers your management a new quality of forecast accuracy thanks to state-of-the-art technologies such as machine learning and AI, as well as our expertise in analysing both internal and external sources of data.

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Topics & Publications


Data Analytics meets digital ethics

When it comes to data science and analytics, digital ethics and responsibility must be addressed. Only if companies manage to shape the digital transformation in a value-driven way, new technologies and business models will find the necessary acceptance. Our white paper provides an overview of the opportunities and challenges for responsible and sustainable business practices in the digital world.

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Data valuation

Owning data is equal to owning an additional potential value source within organizations. However, harvesting the full value-creating potential of the existing data assets, seems to remain a major challenge for many organizations. Having a pragmatic approach to assess the value of data has become highly relevant for organizations that seek to unlock the monetary potential of the data. Data optimizes work processes and is increasingly becoming part of the value chain. Therefore, this paper is providing an understanding of the importance and the process of data valuation. To learn more feel free to click here.

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Data mesh – The next-generation enterprise data platform?

Many companies are currently rethinking their data management architecture and reorganizing their data engineering and data science teams. One new but very promising paradigm is the so-called data mesh. This combines decentralized data engineering with central governance and platform components. 60 percent of companies with more than 1,000 employees already rely on the still young architecture paradigm in the future. Find out more about the use of the data mesh paradigm and the maturity of data & analytics capabilities in companies.

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Chief Data Officer Study

In times of uncertainty, Chief Data Officers can be the key to growth. 27 percent of leading companies today already have a CDO in place at top management level.

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Optimised data strategy

Data represents opportunities – for optimising business models and processes or for establishing completely new business areas.

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Bringing AI to the mainstream

AI-driven revolution: How to drive your business success with strategic AI use cases

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