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Auditing is more than the mere attestation of annual financial statements. Whether an audit of annual or consolidated financial statements, special audit services or attestations, unbiased findings from external auditors increase the degree of reliability of information for all decision makers. Our experienced audit teams with extensive private equity competencies offer their expertise for this purpose. The result is an auditor who not only ticks boxes and checks marks, but who actually adds value to your business. The spectrum of our services exceeds the annual audit of financial statements and accounting structuring, for example, is one way in which we can help you improve your portfolio companies’ KPIs.

Accounting Structuring

Using accounting structuring opportunities to optimise KPIs

Private equity firms’ business activities can result in numerous situations in which it can be very useful to be able to report largely positive KPIs for their portfolio companies.

What we do for you:

  • We support companies by analysing their current accounting structure and suggesting suitable enhancements
  • Assessment of the respective structures in terms of their impact on the KPIs (qualitative analysis and modelling of the quantitative effects)
  • Supporting you with the implementation of measures aimed at improving KPIs


Audit services for portfolio companies

A Private Equity ownership structure raises the expectations on management performance and often results in distinct challenges. In turn, management places specific requirements on its audit team in order to achieve a value generating audit. We serve as a mediator and business partner for management and investors.

What we do for you:

  • Focusing on the important matters is essential to us. Our audit procedures are rigorously aligned to your controlling and monitoring systems. That means we have our eyes on the main risk areas and processes
  • This enables us to concentrate our audit procedures on the main risk factors and drivers and to point out opportunities for improvements
  • You can count on our Private Equity experienced auditors who contribute their Private Equity accounting expertise. Their knowledge in the areas of covenant reporting, financing and purchase price allocation or other value-driving accounting issues influences our services positively

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