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Quality first, no surprises, more than an audit

Private equity audit - with a clear focus on quality, reliability and added value

Reliability, pragmatism and speed are characteristics of the private equity industry. These characteristics are exactly what we stand for as PwC's Private Equity Audit Team. We understand auditing as part of the value creation process. Our hands-on approach and clear focus on private equity’s agenda, will not only help you to ensure the quality of financial reports, but also identify potential areas for improvement, support the value creation process during the entire investment lifecycle, avoid surprises and ensure a smooth exit process. More than just an audit!

What does this mean for you as a private equity house or portfolio company? You need a swift, responsive and hands-on partner for your business and financial reporting. And you are looking for a reliable and experienced auditor? We deliver solutions developed and designed together with you, precisely focused on your needs.

How do we accomplish this?

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Nothing but Quality - from Deal to Exit

Our private equity audits have two main objectives. Number one: to always meet all compliance requirements without tying local management more than necessary, allowing them to focus on operations. Number two: to stand by your side and assist through all opportunities and challenges facing your private equity house and portfolio company.

Specifically, this means to focus on the issues that are relevant to you during the audit – and thus reduce your workload to a minimum. Surprises on the balance sheet date? Not with our specialised private equity audit teams – thanks to careful audit planning and early coordination of the topics that are most important to you.

How do we manage that? With expertise – and technology. Leveraging our experience from numerous PE audits and our network of dedicated PE specialists are key to a successful and value added audit. Market-leading tools allow us to carry out a full analysis instead of audit sampling. With maximum comfort and minimum data deduction, reduced to the risk based triggers.

Looking to exit? We are the right partner for this too

Especially as your auditor, we will support you in checking the quality of your financial data – for example, monthly financial statements including the income statement, balance sheet, covenants calculations, cashflow and profitability statements. If there is any potential for improvement – and we are sure that there is – we will find it. And make specific suggestions on how to fix any issues – strictly according to time and action plan.


Proven transition concept facilitated by digital auditing tools

Our Private Equity Audit Team has a vast experience – based on various client transitions and IPOs, ranging from globally listed corporations to local SMEs. It is this aggregated experience, which we have structured to create a field-tested approach.  For a fast and high-quality transition, we focus on the following main areas: How does your organisation work and what are the value drivers of your business model? How do we get up to speed as quickly as possible?

Our service concept at a glance


We review and evaluate all transactions relevant to the financial statements and their respective accounting treatment at an early stage. By doing this, we avoid surprises for you on the balance sheet date. Additionally, partners and experienced managers are with you on a regular basis. This guarantees a fast and straightforward response. This is important to us because we know that relevant topics and ad hoc issues are best solved in person.

Always in exchange with you

Based on regular status meetings throughout the audit process as well as interim and closing meetings after each audit phase, you are always up to date. We solve your requests quickly, reliably and hands-on – not only at the time of the audit – but throughout the year.

Value Meetings

You benefit from regular face-to-face meetings with experts on relevant topics for you and your shareholders. These include digitalisation in sales, transfer pricing, cyber security, compliance and many other transaction-related topics.

Private Equity Network

Many of our team members are specialised in specific subject areas. These specialists are always there for you – even on short notice.

Growth and quality are part of your DNA? That connects us

Many German companies are market leaders in their core business and are extremely innovative. Growth is part of their DNA. However, strong growth alone does not guarantee success. That is why we get to know your story and advise you with foresight. As your auditor, we offer you much more than comfort for your financial reporting: our audit team specialising in Private Equity is your sparring partner.

What makes us an audit market leader

  • Many years of deal experience in the private equity environment
  • International and interdisciplinary cooperation, IFRS conversions, exchange of experience and best practices
  • Extensive experience with private-equity-backed portfolio companies
  • Expertise in private equity accounting, incl. purchase price allocation, bad will, restructuring, financing, share-based compensation and covenants reporting
  • Industry know-how with high-profile publications and top events

Special requirements? Excellent!

If you have specific questions – no problem. We bundle our years of experience in supporting portfolio companies and private equity houses in our Private Equity Center of Excellence - and integrate exactly those specialists that you need most urgently into the audit team. Quickly and effectively. This way, you have access to best practices in your industry at all times. With innovative tools, we are able to analyse your data even more efficiently and transparently. By doing this, we devote ourselves to your specific requirements in a very concentrated manner. For example

  • Optimising performance and further developing financial reporting.

  • Balance sheet policy design to address financing issues while complying with financial covenants.

  • Definition of non-financial KPIs to measure, manage and report ESG performance to stakeholders.

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