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Forensic Services

Prepare, Respond and Emerge Stronger

We help you prepare for, respond to, and emerge stronger from unplanned events.

Are you sufficiently prepared for crises and unplanned events? Do you know how to react correctly in case of bribery and corruption, fraud or other economic crimes? Have you developed strategies to emerge stronger from such crises? PwC’s Forensics experts can help you do so.

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Claudia Nestler, Partner, Forensic Services Leader, PwC Germany
Tel.: +49 69 9585-5552

Facts and figures

70+ territories

In more than 70 countries worldwide, our specialists work on solutions for you.


Dedicated Forensics experts with local and global knowledge across the globe.


More than 120 forensic experts at 5 locations all over Germany.

3 steps

Prepare, Respond and Emerge Stronger help you to prepare for and react during crises.

Protect your business value. Emerge stronger.

As the global landscape grows more complex and connected, companies are at threat of a sudden shock. It could be a corruption scandal that spreads globally, a data breach that shakes customer confidence, a dispute with a business partner threatening to erode value, or widespread fraud. With shock also comes opportunity. An incident managed well allows an organisation to take on riskier opportunities with the knowledge that future threats will be spotted and addressed quickly.

How we can help you: 3 steps to successfully manage crises.


We help our clients to prevent fraud, economic crime and disputes; saving your business from both financial and reputational damage.


Financial and reputational impacts of crises create huge risk to brand, people, relationships and the bottom line. We respond with speed and conviction to address these risks, preventing further damage.

Emerge Stronger

A crisis managed well can allow businesses to develop immunity. We work with our clients to not only recover from current crises, but also enhance their ability to learn and improve after unplanned events.

Current topics

Anti-Financial Crime – Managed Services

Complex and constantly evolving anti-money laundering requirements are a major regulatory and financial burden for financial institutions. We help you to address these challenges with new strategies and an adaptable operating model.

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Eliminate weaknesses, ensure compliance

Fraudulent accounting, embezzlement, market manipulation or organized fraud: Economic crime (fraud) is committed in almost one in two companies. This is the finding of PwC’s Global Economic Crime Survey 2020. The legislator is currently preparing a range of laws in order to combat these types of offences more efficiently.

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As each client has different challenges, we can help you prepare, respond and emerge stronger from crises and other unplanned events.

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Claudia Nestler

Claudia Nestler

Partner, Forensic Services Leader, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 69 9585-5552

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