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Michael Graf
Lead Customer Transformation DE & EU,
PwC Germany
Tel: +49 151 11135371

Embrace new technologies, elevate the customer experience

Very few companies have yet managed to keep pace with digital change. The consequences can be poor customer experiences, limited customer insights for shaping marketing strategies, uncompetitive pricing models, and outdated sales and customer service structures.

PwC supports your organisation’s digital transformation, equipping your business units and customer success managers with the tools they need to transform customer experience. With state-of-the-art digital solutions, you will succeed in winning, delighting, and retaining customers in the long term. As an experienced business integrator, we understand all interfaces of the customer journey, can design customer-focused transformation concepts, and define the requirements of your specialist departments in coordination with your IT department.

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PwC customer success services at a glance

From strategy to implementation with your customer-focused transformation team.

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Bringing marketing, pricing, sales and service to a new level in the digital age.

Constantly optimize marketing performance with data-driven and integrated technologies.

Reduce sales costs with end-to-end customer centricity and seamless sales processes.

Differentiation through excellent service using innovative strategies and modern technologies.

We support you for a customer-centric future with the right brand management, communication and DEI strategy.

Excellent data management combined with high-quality data create the foundation for a data-driven company.

We provide you with analytical frameworks, channel optimization and marketing valuation.

Engaging employees with innovative learning formats for digital solutions and new ways of working.

You want to design your CX in a sustainable and well-founded way? We show you the way to the knowledge base.

DEI as an integrated cultural factor that sustainably drives your company's success.

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Future fit customer solutions


For many companies, the SAP® solution portfolio is critical to enabling growth, consumer loyalty, innovation, and significantly increasing business value. Enterprise-wide governance using SAP solutions requires the strategic integration of SAP components into business units and critical processes – especially for large transformation initiatives.

PwC & Salesforce

At PwC, we work at the intersection of technology and business to create innovations that lead to satisfied customers. We help you provide your customers with the seamless access they expect, anywhere, anytime. We do this by combining our technical and strategic expertise with Salesforce technology. With the help of our Salesforce-based solutions – which have already won several awards – you can digitise key business processes quickly while managing costs.

2020 – Winner of the Salesforce Partner Innovation Award in the Marketing category

Our customer success experts helped a global automotive manufacturer roll out intelligent and data-driven marketing globally. All consumer personalisation and retargeting activities were optimised based on Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Audience Studio. We received the Salesforce Partner Innovation Award in the Marketing category from IDC for this innovative project.

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Winner of the Salesforce Partner Innovation Award in the Service category

Our customer experience specialists helped Leadec, a respected industrial services provider, digitise its core business processes with Salesforce and optimise its sales and customer service processes. For this innovative project, we received the Salesforce Partner Innovation Award in the Service category at Dreamforce 2019.

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“Every solution that we develop and implement for your company, is designed from your customer's point of view. We are familiar with all intersections across the customer journey, and will work with you to develop customer-centric transformation strategies which we then implement in close coordination with all relevant departments.”

Michael Graf,Lead Customer Transformation at PwC Germany

Facts, studies, and the latest insights on Customer-Centric Transformation

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Michael Graf

Michael Graf

Lead Customer Transformation DE & EU, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 151 11135371