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Bernd Reimer
Partner, Forensic Services at PwC Germany
Tel: +49 175 2937362

Efficient action, rapid implementation

The platform allows you to initiate projects on your own, supported by our methodology and the expertise embedded in our digital products, making processes easy to navigate. You are completely in charge, but can always request our support.

Our first product module focuses on forensic services. This module offers you various solutions ranging from eDiscovery to red-flag and third-party intelligence. You can set up your investigations and choose which analysis you need to support your investigation. Our easy-to-use interface guides you through the decisions you need to make to define your investigative approach, and performs processing and analysis in the background. You have the option to request further support at any time. For example, you can choose whether you want to create your own review or be supported by our experts.

You decide what you need.

With Connected Digital Services, we offer personal consulting services on demand, allowing companies and institutions to configure an individually tailored product based on their requirements. Do you need one or more digital solutions? Would you like support in using our tools or in interpreting your results? The choice is yours – we are there for you whenever you need us.

Connected Digital Services – Our solutions

Connected eDiscovery

Maximum transparency in the preparation of your eDiscovery cases – Advanced monitoring and analysis tools identify relevant documents and text passages and reduce your resource expenditure by up to 80% when examining documentation for legally sound evidence – regardless of how large your case is.

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Connected Financial Analytics

Advanced analytics tools for effective fraud prevention – Connected Financial Analytics gives you deeper insights into your financial transactions and helps  you recognize patterns and detect instances of manipulation.

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Connected Risk Intelligence

A global news and network analysis for identifying acute and potential risks – Our Connected Risk Intelligence solution serves as an “early warning system” that scans and searches through worldwide media reports for trends and provides you with sentiment analysis and reporting on topics affecting you, your customers and partners, among other things.

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Connected Screening Service

Economic crime, suspicion of terrorism, embargoes: PwC's Connected Screening Service supports you in complying with sanction regulations.

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Connected Global Intelligence

Integrity checks, pre-employment and virtual asset screenings, or ESG compliance: Connected Global Intelligence delivers relevant information on companies as well as individuals to help make business relationships compliant.

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Connected Digital Services is inspired by customers who want it all: Fast and flexible delivery, high-quality products, and first-class expert advice at a competitive price.

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Your benefits

More scalability. Fewer resources.

Connected Digital Services offers you scalable, fully integrated solutions and need-based consulting services from a single source, which you can adapt to your current investigations at any time. With this flexible, 360° approach, you always have control of your projects, have faster response times, receive robust results sooner, and avoid large additional expenses, such as having to buy tools, licenses or external services. The result: less effort, fewer resources required and lower costs for compliance, forensics and risk management.

More control. Less dependence.

You can set up investigations individually and select the exact solution(s) that best suit your situation from a variety of analysis and monitoring instruments. This lets you direct and drive your projects and means you no longer need to rely on the support of third parties. The uncomplicated user interface and the ability to flexibly combine our digital solutions increases the efficiency of your processes: You benefit from automated processes and receive validated, high-quality results faster.

Achieve more with less effort.

Our solutions intuitively guide your team through the processes and help you make the right decisions for the respective investigative approach faster and more effectively. The processing and analysis of the corresponding data usually runs automatically in the background, freeing you and your team to focus on the essentials.

More expertise. Less complexity.

Fully automated processes, intuitive user interfaces and need-based consulting services, run by experienced forensic experts, mean you and your team can solve even the most complicated cases without the need for special equipment or staff trained in niche areas. The result: Less complexity in the process and faster resolutions for your investigation cases.

More digital transformation. Less downtime.

Connected Digital Services simplifies the digital transformation of your business activities and accompanies the transition from individual products to scalable end-to-end solutions. You benefit from a high-performance IT infrastructure that offers you sufficient capacity for fast, validated results without the need for additional investment.

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Bernd Reimer

Bernd Reimer

Partner, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 175 2937362