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Andreas Odenkirchen, Director at PwC Germany

Andreas Odenkirchen
Director at PwC Germany
Tel: +49 151 15 535 019

Generative AI is disrupting the market and impacts our way of working holistically

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the emergence of generative AI stands as a transformative force, reshaping industries and redefining how businesses operate. Generative AI, characterised by its ability to comprehend diverse tasks like text, image or code generation without specific programming, has sparked a paradigm shift.

Hyperscalers such as Microsoft play an important role in applying generative AI because they provide the resources and infrastructure to develop and deploy AI solutions at scale. They provide a platform for businesses to leverage the power of generative AI and integrate it into their operations. With Azure Open AI Service, pre-trained LLMs, like GPT-4, are easy accessible via an API to be integrated into own custom applications and thus provide flexibility to apply generative AI in a broad set of use cases, but also serves with the scalability and security of Azure. In addition, features such as Microsoft’s Copilot, which assists users with a wide range of tasks – from summarising documents and catching up on communication to generating first email drafts or meeting minutes – make the adoption of generative AI easy but also indicates how productivity can be increased for common tasks.

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PwC & Microsoft in generative AI

PwC and Microsoft have established a strong partnership to deliver comprehensive advisory services and technology solutions. In 2021, Microsoft awarded PwC Germany the “Microsoft Partner of the Year”, recognising our expertise in Data and AI. PwC’s generative AI advisory offerings, backed by their extensive Data and AI experts network, provide end-to-end support from strategy to execution, covering business, technical, and regulatory aspects.

PwC Germany has announced a significant investment of 150 million euros over the next three years in line with their commitment to AI. This investment includes an expanded collaboration with Microsoft Germany, leveraging their Azure OpenAI and Copilot services.

Microsoft offers AI technology solutions and products to enable fast and scalable solution development and operations. Their ready-to-use services allow for quick value delivery and business impact. Leveraging central cloud services, Microsoft integrates AI holistically into organisations.

Overall, PwC and Microsoft’s partnership combines PwC’s expertise in AI advisory services with Microsoft’s advanced technology solutions, empowering organisations to embrace digital transformation and drive meaningful business outcomes.

We accompany you with our end-to-end generative AI adoption program from strategy through execution

Generative AI Strategy

A strategic positioning on generative AI sets the basis to derive valuable use cases and required capabilities. We have developed a framework that supports you in laying the foundation towards your generative AI strategy. Key questions comprise:

  • How do we want to handle generative AI strategically?
  • What is our motivation?
  • How can we benefit from generative AI?
  • How can we use generative AI to create value?
  • Which capabilities do we need to use and manage generative AI?

Generative AI Use Cases

The potential applications of generative AI are diverse and span across the entire value chain. Next to identifying potential fields of application and use cases, it is also important to manage the portfolio and set the right focus. We guide you in identifying and selecting the most valuable and feasible generative AI use cases. We bring in our deep domain- and industry expertise and have developed multiple use cases to practically showcase generative AI use cases.

Generative AI Data & Platform

A successful implementation of generative AI use cases requires the right technical and organisational basis. A unified AI platform builds upon a data platform to integrate cognitive and generative AI services like Azure Open AI or Copilot into your enterprise. We support you in assessing, designing and implementing a suitable platform for your business. Next to the technical foundation, it is crucial to design an organisational operating model that drives use case creation holistically. We also help design and set up the right operating model to organise and streamline AI activities within your enterprise.

Generative AI Enablement

A successful digital transformation starts with a successful people transformation and change in mindset. An organisation’s skill level and the adoption of new tools, technologies and working methods depend highly on an organisation’s workforce’s overall culture & skills, not the peak talents. Therefore, it is crucial to emphasise people’s ability to integrate generative AI successfully into a company’s daily business. We have developed a proven three-step approach to create awareness, engage and upskill employees, gradually increase usage, and sustainably embed learning and mindset in the daily business.

Generative AI Governance

However, generative AI also poses a variety of new risks in terms of AI security. With the use of generative AI, it must be ensured that regulatory and compliance requirements are adhered to, especially concerning copyright and intellectual property, ethics & responsibility, and data protection. Our best practices enable effective implementation of relevant AI governance requirements.

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Andreas  Odenkirchen

Andreas Odenkirchen

Director, Data & Analytics, Technology Consulting, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 151 15535019

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Andreas Hufenstuhl

Partner, Data & AI Use Cases, PwC Germany

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