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Enterprise Cloud Solutions

PwC know-how, now available as software.

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Nico Reichen

Nico Reichen
Partner, Data & Analytics at PwC Germany
Tel.: +49 203 3175-123

Insights in real time: sustainable thanks to cloud services

Internal controls, compliance, climate, sustainability: With Enterprise Cloud Solutions, our domain of expertise gets transposed into digital products. In this way, topics of the future are turned into tangible opportunities - in real time and as a perfect supplement to your workflows. This allows you to tap into previously unexploited potential and lay the foundations for your company’s future sustainability. How do we do it? With SAP as our innovative technology partner. Using the SAP Business Technology Platform as a basis, our solutions are perfectly integrable and fully flexible for meeting new requirements – while maintaining maximum IT security.

Leading consulting expertise in a self-service software solution? Unique in the market.

“Enterprise Cloud Solutions are the work of our innovative pioneering specialists and technology experts. Through our digital products, all of our know-how is embedded in the core of your data landscape - and deliver high value insights.”

Rudolf Keul, Partner and Head of Digital Solutions and Innovation at PwC Germany

Excellent expertise meets cloud computing

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Build on our know-how

Through Enterprise Cloud Solutions, our expertise is anchored directly in your company. Immediately accessible, with no need for additional resources. Consulting? We’ll gladly provide it, but it’s supplementary.

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PwC in every line of code

Our consulting expertise is channelled into Enterprise Cloud Solutions from the very first line of code in every single one of the products.

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PwC meets SAP

The SAP Business Technology Platform is a system that we believe in and that you can rely on - now and in the future, in perfect symbiosis with your set-up, whether it’s SAP or not.

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Continously expanding portfolio

The needs of tomorrow drive us forward: we are constantly expanding our product portfolio of Enterprise Cloud Solutions, taking new sensitive issues and making them today’s topics.

Enterprise Cloud Solutions at a glance

Climate Excellence

Your data for a climate scenario analysis: Regardless of whether you are dealing with financial, intangible or real-estate investments, Climate Ex­cellence will help you to identify the impact of climate change on your portfolio in a quick and straightforward manner. This SaaS solution will support you in your long-term risk management activities and in dealing with current hot topics. You will thus be able to react accordingly and keep an eye on all the key influential factors. Moreover, the software supports you in complying with current reporting requirements in climate reporting.

Key areas:

  • Sustainability reports
  • Fulfilment of climate goals
  • Fulfilment of reporting duties
  • Confidence in  ESG aspects
  • Risk analyses

Business Monitoring Suite

The sensitive topic of internal control systems: New statutory requirements and an ever more complex business world make clear governance all the more important. PwC’s Business Monitoring Suite will help you to keep track of everything. Our compliance management system offers a uniform number base and internal controls based on PwC know-how – modular, customized, and quickly integrated into your SAP system landscape. The GRC solution thus effectively assists you with your internal control and monitoring activities – making your processes more sustainable for the future. In short: Let the next audit begin!

Key Areas:

  • Adherence to compliance rules
  • Business monitoring
  • Internal controls
  • Internal audit
  • ICS bench­marking

“Our Enterprise Cloud Solutions act as an effective lever to help companies find solutions to tomorrow’s key issues in a proactive and foresighted manner - PwC expertise in the form of software.”

Nico Reichen,Partner and Data & Analytics Leader at PwC Germany
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Nico Reichen

Nico Reichen

Partner and Data & Analytics Leader, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 203 3175-123

John Hoffmann

John Hoffmann

Senior Manager, Product Manager Business Monitoring Suite, PwC Germany

Tel: +49 711 25034-1354